20 Awesome January Activities for Kids


January activities for kids can be a lifesaver for any parent when it comes to relieving their kids winter boredom. After all, being stuck in the house in the middle of January can make some kids pretty restless. By engaging in winter crafts and outdoor activities, it’s possible to take the edge off and actually have some fun. Not only that, but you can use this as an opportunity to bond with your child and create some forever memories. One final tip. Not many parents know about the Oriental Trading Company. It’s a great place to shop and obtain any supplies that you’ll need for any of these crafts. The prices are cheap, and the company dependable.

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1. Snow Spray Paint Fun! Awaken the Artist in Your Child

Our first activity isn’t just fun for the kids, but it’s easy and requires very little, if any cleanup. First travel to a dollar store or check out to purchase your supplies. All you’ll need for this project are food coloring and some spray bottles. How many bottles will depend on you. You can have three spray bottles for red, blue, and yellow or you can mix up more colors:

What you’ll need:

  • Food coloring
  • Dollar store spray bottles
  • Color mixing chart:
  • red and blue = purple
  • blue and yellow = green
  • red and yellow = orange

Using the above chart, you can easily get six colors out of 3 bottles of food coloring. Once you have your supplies. it’s time to make your spray paints. Place the food coloring in the spray bottles and add water. That’s it! Next, gather up your brood and take them along with the bottles outside and watch them make beautiful art in the snow!

2. Winter Icicle Window Art to Enjoy All Year Long

Just because it’s January and the holidays are over doesn’t mean you can’t still make winter crafts. What we’re gong to make now are some hanging window decorations in the shape of icicles. If you need a guiding image, check out this page on Pixabay.

What you’ll need:

  • Aluminum foil
  • Small paint brush
  • Scribbles glitter fabric paint
  • Fancy cord
  • Scissors
  • Suction cups

All of the items can either be purchased online or in your local craft store. First, cut a piece of aluminum foil in the shape of a triangle, a tad larger than the icicle you wish to make. In other words, if you want to make an icicle 5 inches long, tear off a piece of foil 7 inches long.

Place the foil on the table with the dull side up. Next, go to the broad base (or bottom of the triage shape) and fold it down a few times. Once that’s done, gently roll the foil up lengthwise. This should give you the basic shape of an icicle. Continue to gently squeeze and form the foil until it gives you the shape you like.

Next, grab your Scribble glitter fabric paint and paint the icicle. What’s great about using Scribbles, is that once you’ve finished painting the icicle, you can then make some interesting bumps and lines using the nozzle, which will really make it look like a real icicle. While you can use Elmers glue and glitter, by using Scribbles glitter fabric paint, you are getting the glue and glitter all in one, so there’s no glitter mess.

This next part should only be done by an adult. Mom or dad need to make a hole in the top of the icicle large enough for the cord to pass through. Once the hole is made, place the cord through and make a loop. this is what you’ll use to hang the icicle from.

Finally, place the suction cups on the window. Once the cups are in place, you can hang your icicles from their hooks, and watch as your icicles sparkle and shine as the sun beam through.

3. Building a Snow Fort: A Great Way to Learn Basic Building Skills

The time-honored snow fort. Almost every kid who resides in a snowy climate for winter has made one. In fact, entire families have been known to get together to build two snow forts as shelter for snowball fights. Keep in mind that kids should never be allowed to build a snow fort alone, unsupervised.

What you’ll need:

  • Plastic bucket or small plastic storage container

Before we start a few precautions are in order. First, snow forts should be built under adult supervision if the kids are young. Second, only build snow forts when the snow is easily and firmly packed. Since this is for kids, don’t make show forts with roofs. If your child is inside and the fort starts to melt, there’s a danger the roof will cave in on top of your child.

Ok, lets get started. A fun and easy way to build your snow fort is to take a plastic bucket, fill it with snow. Pack the snow down tightly. Next, overturn the bucket and voila, you have your first snow fort ‘brick’! Keep going until you have your fort completed. You can also use small, plastic storage containers, pack them tightly with snow, then flip over to release your ‘brick’.

If the kids have built the snow fort, then as a parent it may be a good idea to go out and inspect it. You want to make sure that’s it’s stable enough for kids to play in.

4. Ice Bubbles: A Mesmerizing January Winter Activity

Ice bubbles are a unique and fun January activity for kids. Each ice bubble will be an adventure in its own right, as all are unique. If you’ve never heard or saw a real ice bubble, take a look at this video. Now, for the good news: Creating ice bubbles is extremely easy and a fun way for kids to enjoy the January weather.

What you need:

  • Dishwashing liquid
  • Corn syrup
  • Bubble wand

First, start with the bubble solution of your choice. In reality, the bubble solution that you purchase in the store is rather fragile. For ice bubbles you’ll get a better result if you make your own bubble solution:

  • 3 Cups of water
  • 1 Cup of dishwashing liquid
  • 1/2 cup light corn syrup

Mix the ingredients above, and you’re ready to make ice bubbles! Dip your bubble wand into the bubble solution and blow, that’s all it takes. Moms and dads remember to bring your camera so you and your kids can re-watch their ice bubble formation and share it with others.

5. Treat Stations: A Celebration of Sweets

Treat stations or treat bars are a great way to enjoy a crisp and wintery January day. What is a treat bar you ask? Well, they are stations set up where people can create their own treats. Each station will have one theme, like cookies or hot cocoa. The station will supply the kids with all they’ll need to make their own treats. For instance, if you have a cookie treat bar or station, the kids can grab a cookie and decorate it.

What you’ll need:

  • Theme (cookies, cakes, hot cocoa, etc.)
  • Table
  • Supplies for decorating

Take the table and place all the supplies needed on the table. For example, if you’re having a cookie bar or station, you can have a variety of icings, sprinkles, ice cream, and so on. For those who are into baking, you can give the kids the option of rolling out some cookie dough, choose a cookie cutter shape, and take that cookie, bake it and return it to kids to decorate. To get an idea, take a look at these candy stations. Treat stations are big business when it comes to events, so do a web search if you are looking for ideas.

6. Living Room Winter Camping, a Great Way to Enjoy a Sleepover

With a light, crisp and fresh chill in the air and gobs of snow, winter camping in the backyard might lead to a cold or two. As such, it’s a much better option to host a camping night in your basement or living room.

What you’ll need:

  • Snacks
  • Sleeping arrangements
  • A tent(s)
  • Blankets for a homemade tent

First get your supplies in order. This means snacks, meals and beverages. Next, have some activities to suggest to the kids. This can be anything from crafts to ghost stories. Finally, get the tent(s) set up and you’re good to go. If you don’t have a tent, then get the kids together to make a fort out of furniture, sheets and blankets.

7. Colorful Winter Ice Balls: Captivating, Colorful and Fun!

This is a simple, yet entertaining activity for the entire family to enjoy.

What you’ll need:

  • Water balloons: Various sizes and shapes
  • Food coloring

This is a very easy January activity. All you need to do is grab a water balloon and add colored water. Next, take it and place it in the freezer or outside if it’s cold enough. When the balloon is frozen, pop and remove the balloon. What you’re left with is a beautiful, colored ice globe!

8. Make a Jolly Snowman, or Snowman Family

This is a no-brainer. In fact, it’s one of the ‘musts’ of being a child in winter. There’s not much in the way of supplies, as all you need is snow. However, creatively speaking, you can up the ante by raising the bar on creativity. For instance, you can create a snowman family that represents your very own family, pets included. You can also take the spray paint idea listed above and paint your snowman.

But why just stop at making snowmen? How about snow sculptures? Basically the same as a snowman, but instead of a snowman, you can make a dog, dragon or rocket ship!

9. Have a Winter Scavenger Hunt: Engage You’re Child’s Curiosity and Investigative Abilities

Scavenger hunts have been around for ages. Basically, scavenger hunts revolve around obtaining clues and locating items. There are variations of course, but that’s about it. You can hold a winter scavenger hunt in your home, in your backyard or even your neighborhood.

10. Outside Activities are a Pleasurable Pastime Involving Plenty of Fresh Air and Exercise

If your child seems bored during the winter, then why not engage them in some outdoor activities? Outdoor activities can be anything from taking an evening walk among the snow, to sledding, street hockey, ice skating or having an old-fashioned snowball fight! Oh, and don’t forget having them make angels in the snow.

11. Make Tasty, Colorful Snow Cones

Do this only if you reside in an area where you are sure to get clean snow. This is because in order to make your snow cones, you’ll need to collect some clean snow.

First, get a clean cooking pot to collect the snow flakes as they fall from the sky. We suggest a cooking pot because the item used to collect the snow should not have been used for anything else by cooking. In other words, don’t use a bucket you used to mop the floor with.

When enough snow has been collected, add your favorite Kool Aid (not too much or it will melt the snow), use an ice cream scoop to gather up the snow into nice ball and serve in the bowl of your choice.

12. Sensory Bins: Help Kids Develop Fine Motor Skills and a Strong Imagination

Sensory bins are a delightful and simple activity. Perfect for a chilly, windy January day, sensory bins are nothing more than a container which holds a variety of items that center around a theme. For instance, if your child is interested in building, you can create a sensory bin that revolves around construction toys. You do this by taking some sand ,a few rocks, some popsicle sticks, Lego bricks and so on to the bin.

Your child then dives into the bin, letting their imagination be their guide as they load small rocks into a toy dump truck and create buildings from Lego bricks. You can make your own sensory bins or purchase them online. To keep costs down, get supplies from your local dollar store or order from Oriental Trading Company.

13. Craft Your Very Own, Magical Snow globes at Home

Snow globes are a fabulous craft for your kids to enjoy. Created in Austria in the 19th century by Erwin Perzy, the snow globe has since gone on to become a holiday favorite, with many considered collectible.

What you’ll need:

  • Scribbles crystal glitter fabric paint
  • Small toys
  • Glycerin
  • Bottled glitter of your choice
  • Jar with lid

Take the jar and unscrew the lid. Next, take the glass jar and add water, a few drops of glycerin and sprinkle some glitter inside.

Take the lid, and glue the small toys to the inside of the lid using the fabric paint. Why fabric paint? Well, few people realize this, but fabric paint is a great substitute for glue because it’s water proof and comes in a variety of colors. Take your small toys and create a scene.

Once your small toys are fastened securely on the inside of the lid, take the lid and screw it onto the jar. Now shake it up and enjoy your snow scene. Keep in mind that your first snow globe might be simple, but once you get the hang of it, you can make larger and more intricate scenes as you go.

14. Get the Family Together and Make Your Very Own Movie Marathon Night!

Get that popcorn poppin’ and have a winter movie marathon. Since this is a kids activity, they get to rule the roost, so to speak. Meaning they get to choose the popcorn toppings, drinks and other snacks as well as the movie choices.

If you really want to be creative, have your kids grab some construction paper and design their own movie tickets that parents and/or guests will need to gain access to the ‘theater’. Kids that love to draw can also take some poster board and draw their own movie posters.

If you don’t have a large screen TV, there’s always the option to purchase a cheap smart phone projector. Smart phone projectors project the movie from your smartphone onto a screen or wall. These are relatively inexpensive and can be used over and over again.

15. Turn Shipping Boxes into Indoor Castles or Cozy Cottages

No doubt about it, kids creativity and imagination are fostered by enjoying time in playhouses. But what if you don’t have a playhouse? Well, know that as long as you’ve access to shipping boxes, you can make your own playhouse.

What you’ll need:

  • Large box or boxes
  • Masking tape
  • Scissors
  • Supplies for decorating

If this winter activity looks a bit daunting, then know that it’s much easier than it looks. This video from Home Depot gives you some good guidance regarding how to progress from start to finish. Utility knives shown in the video should only be used by adults.

16. One of the Tastiest January Activities for kids: Baking Cookies

Even though the holidays are over, there’s still plenty of room for home baked cookies! Baking with your child is not only fun, but it’s also a great way for you and your child to bond.

Simply gather together your favorite cookie recipe and supplies. If you want, go and grab a cookie cutter and make lovely snowman cookies and such for you to decorate.

17. Make a Family Webpage

Now this is an activity that keeps on giving all the year around. When your child builds their own family webpage, they can upload photos and videos of their pets, toys and activities.

Websites such as Wix.com are free and easy to use. Just sit down with your child, and together you can build your very own space on the web. The nice thing about this activity is that you’ll be able to add to it for years to come.

18. Have a Model Magic Day: Best Modeling Compound for Kids

Model Magic is a wonderful modeling compound for kids. Made by Crayola, Model Magic allows users to create fanciful crafts without the mess. When you take two pieces of model magic and bring them together, they automatically stick together.

What you’ll need:

  • A package or tub of Model Magic
  • Pair of children’s safety scissors

If you’ve only used Play Dough, then you may need a Model Magic primer. In this video you’ll learn how to handle Model Magic and may even learn to prefer it over Play Dough. One hint: While you can just tear the model magic apart, it’s sometimes better to simply cut it with safety scissors.

So, now that you’ve an idea of Model Magic the type of projects you can make are only limited by your imagination. However, to give you a start we’ll offer a few suggestions:

Get your child’s favorite storybook and model some of the characters in the book

Watch your child’s favorite movie. While the movie plays, mold some of the characters from the movie

Flatten out a large piece of Model Magic and have your child press their hand into it. This gives you a hand print so when Model Magic dries, you can paint it.

There you go. When done you can allow the models to dry and even paint them.

19. Host a Spa Day for Kids! A Time to Rest, Relax and Enjoy

What better way to enjoy a frosty January day than to have a warm and cozy indoor spa party. Make this a time for kids to rest and relax while enjoying heart shaped sandwiches, manicures, pedicures and cucumbers on the eyes. The Oriental Trading Company has some nifty spa party supplies if you’re in need of some new ideas! There are plenty of videos on YouTube that provide information regarding spa parties. Alyssa the Party Planner has a pretty good one here.

20. Swedish Snowball Lanterns: Create a Fanciful, Whimsical Winter Wonderland in Your Yard

When it comes to some of the best January activities for kids, making Swedish snowball lanterns has to be one of the best. Bring a bit of Sweden into your neighborhood by making Swedish lanterns. These are more simple to create than you’d think, as they are created using nothing but snowballs and battery operated tea lights.

What you’ll need:

  • Snow
  • Tea lights

Choose a day that has just received a good snowfall. The snow should be packable not fluffy, meaning you can make solid snowballs.The number of snowballs will depend on you. The fewer the snowballs the smaller the lantern, while more snowballs give you a larger lantern.

Now that you’ve made all your snowballs, place them on the ground in a circle. Next, place your battery operated tea lights inside the circle. Keep adding snowballs until you’re finished. The finished form should resemble a snowball pyramid. The glow of the tea lights will create a mesmerizing effect for all to see.

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