50 Writing Prompts for 5th Graders That Aren’t Boring or Lame

A writing prompt is a brief passage or text that provides learners with a topic idea or guidance on where they should start their writing. They are different for learners at different levels, according to the ThoughtCo. Here we shall look at 50 writing prompts appropriate for 5th graders that are not boring.

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Types of Writing Prompts

Fifth graders are always asked to use the writing skills they learned in lower elementary grades. There are different types of prompts that help your kid in different ways. They include:

Creating Writing prompts

These types of prompts help students with a way in which they can start their writing. For example, a student struggling to start a story about their last vacation experiences will take advantage of the prompt:’ There are several activities we can undertake during the holiday. They may include outdoor activities such as playing football and visiting the beach. Write about your favorite holiday-outdoor activity.

Non-Fictional Writing Prompts

According to Freelance Writing Love to Know, non-fictional writing prompts help fifth graders to understand what they should write about regarding their personal experiences. Such prompts guide the learner in understanding the scope of their personal life they should write. In other words, they help the learner understand and evaluate their personal preferences and choices. For example, a kid who does not know what to write about themselves can use prompts such as: who is your favorite musician?

Poetry Prompts

Creatine poetry helps learners be inspired in writing their short poems, which helps them bring out their emotions and beliefs to the world. The poems not only be about the experience but also about objects or things they love or dislike most. A prompt like: ‘I love the rainbow because…’ helps the kid to draw their attention to the particular area of concern which in this case is the rainbow. Kids can write poems about people, places, experiences, natural inspirational, emotional poems, and holiday verses, among others.

Descriptive Writing Prompts

Descriptive writing prompts help to unblock the learner’s mind when stuck in choosing what they should write. The goal of descriptive learning is to make the reader part of the experience of a given subject. Appropriate descriptive prompts must invoke the learner’s senses. They must employ sensory adjectives, active verbs, figurative language, and vivid modifiers. For example, the prompt’ There are many games we can participate in. Write about your favorite gaming activity and explain why?’ opens the learners to the fact that they should focus only on their favorite gaming activity and still give reasons for writing about them.

Speculative Writing Prompts

Speculative writing prompts the learner a chance to write about something they do not necessarily have facts about. These prompts do not require the reader to prove a certain point but instead give their overall imagination of something or experience they would wish to have. For example, ‘Your parents have allowed you to choose where you are supposed to have your birthday party. What is your favorite place to do it?’ Here the learner is not necessarily picking the actual place but is attempting to state their wishes.

Imaginary Writing Prompts

These prompts create an imaginative world for your fifth-grade kid. They combine the artistic nature of speculation, description, and narration. They improve creativity by letting the learner swim in their thoughts and create a world that does not exist in the real sense. For example, the prompt ‘imagine that you are the school principal, which school rule will you abolish?’ does not mean the kid is an actual principal. Still, it helps us how they see themselves in different positions and situations. Without prejudice to the above classifications, here are some of the 50 writing prompts for 5th graders that aren’t boring:

1. Everyone has an object they treasure most; it may be something they bought or were given. Explain to your classmates why you treasure this object that is so valuable to you.

2. You have been chosen to give a talk to 4th-grade students on how life in 5th grade is. Explain to them what you have found to be the most exciting part of being in 5th grade.

3. We always look up to one of our relatives. Write about your relative who inspires you most.

4. Everyone has their favorite game they enjoy playing. It may be football, basketball, or any other game. Write an essay on why you love the game most.

5. Among all our friends, we have the one we love most. Write an essay describing to your classmates why you love them most.

6. Hobbies are significant parts of our holidays. Write an essay telling your classmates your best holiday hobby.

7. Schools always have different events, such as games or trips. Choose your favorite school event and write an essay explaining to your classmates why you loved it most.

8. One of the reasons why we are in school is to prepare for our favorite careers. Giving reasons, write an essay explaining what career you would wish to pursue in the future.

9. Your friend has been struggling with passing the subject which you are best at, and they have come to you for guidance. Write an essay explaining to them the best strategy they can use to improve in the subject.

10. You have a new 5th-grade friend who will be joining your school after the holidays. Write an essay guiding them on how a regular school day is in your institution.

11. Your class teacher is having their birthday next month, and you would like to give them a gift with your friends. Write an essay explaining to your classmates the best gift you can give them.

12. What is your favorite destination where you should spend your holiday? Write about the place and explain why you prefer it most.

13. Think about the pet you would wish to have. Write to explain which pet you would choose and why.

14. There is that one brave person you have admired in your community. Write to explain who this person is and why you think they are brave.

15. In the collection of your toys, there is that one which you think is the best. Write an essay to explain what it is and why you love it most.

16. There is that one fruit you always pick at the food store or supermarket when shopping with your parents. Write to explain why you love it most.

16. There is that family activity which you love most. Write to describe the event and why you love it.

17. Imagine all the beautiful things that have happened to you. Write about the best thing that has ever happened to you.

18. Your dad has been serving in the overseas military, and you have an opportunity to write to him. Write a sample of the letter you would have sent him.

19. Since you have been in school, that one-grade class was the best for you. Write to explain why that year was the best.

20. Since grade one, you have studied and heard so many monster stories. Write about the one which was the best for you.

21. Do you remember the last time you had a party? What was the funniest part of the party and why did you like it?

22. Have you ever had a scary dream? What is the scariest part? How did you feel?

23. You have visited your sick friend, and they want you to sing them a song. What is your favorite song to sing to them?

24. You remember that time you were exhausted? Write about it. What did you do?

25. Which season do you love the most, winter and spring? Why? Why not?

25. What is your position that we should abolish all boarding schools?

26. Imagine you woke up and found your cat talking to you. Write a story about what you would ask them.

27. Imagine that one day you could fly. Where would you fly? And why?

28. Imagine that during classroom sessions, the president walks in. What are the five questions you would ask them?

28. There is that one celebrity you ever wished to show up at your birthday party. Who are they, and why do you love them so dearly?

29. Imagine that your parents’ car can fly under your instructions. Where will you wish that it flies to/ Why the place?

30. Imagine that you are the real Spiderman? What will you do?

31. There is one concept you practice so hard to understand in mathematics. Write an essay on how you last got it.

32. Weekends allow us to do volunteer work. What is that one volunteer activity you wish to do when you are not in school?

33. Imagine that one day you are given a chance to make new rules in your school. What new rules will you introduce and why?

34. Your mother is good at preparing a particular meal. Describe the meal and when she serves it most.

35. Would you choose to have a cell phone and fail to have other electronic devices, or will you choose to have a video game and no other electronics? Why?

36. If your friend chose to write a book about you, which chapter of your life would you like them to focus on and why?

37. Before your parents gave you the name you have today, they probably had other names; ask them what the others were and why they dropped others only to be left with the one you have today.

38. Some animals have exciting sounds. Which animal’s sound would you wish that you could make and why?

39. If you could be one of your friend’s siblings, which friend would wish they were your brother or sister?

40. Water is one of the most critical natural resources we have. Write about the primary sources of water in your school and its neighborhoods.

41. Imagine that you had one wish to make, and it happens. What’s that wish you could make?

42. Finish the story that starts that. I heard a big bang, and when I went to look…

43. Your teacher has asked you to choose the school bus your class will use to travel on a forthcoming trip. Which bus would you choose and why?

44. Imagine that you are the president of a fictional country? Where would you wish the country to be located and why?

45. Between your father and your dad, whom would you wish to choose the clothes you would park on a journey and why?

46. There is one TV show you wish your class members would have watched. Write a simple story on why they should watch that show.

47. Imagine that pets would talk to each other. What kind of conversation would you think the cat can have with the dog?

48. Write a letter to your parents convincing them why they should let you own your favorite pet. What are the reasons why you would give them?

49. Why do you think your favorite meal should be the staple food for everyone in the school?

50. There is that one type of transport you wish that is available to you daily. Which one is it? Why?

In Conclusion

Overall, writing prompts are so helpful in helping your kid improve their learning and writing skills. The above writing prompts have been tailored per the guidelines by the University of Connecticut. The guidelines dictate that the learner must be aware of the essay type they are about to undertake, breaking them into different parts so that the learner can understand them well; they are short and straight to the point. Their structure has no repetitions, and they are sensitive to each learner. Next time you look for the best writing prompt for your fifth-grade kid, pick any of the ones mentioned above.

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