15 Awesome Holi Activities for Kids

Holi is a Hindu culture celebration held at the beginning of spring. The celebration has a symbolic meaning that the participants believe they have overcome evil and are now welcoming the good that comes with the spring season. Generally, the celebrations start by burning large pyres in different parts of India, believing that the participants are burning evil spirits. Others throw dried leaves, wood, and twigs into the bonfires to maximize the amount of smoke produced. The belief is that the more the smoke, the more evils they will be able to send away. Every group of persons, adults, children, men, and women, have particular activities they engage in during the celebrations. This article will examine the best 15 awesome activities your kids can engage in during the celebrations.

Holi Activities

15. DIY Water Gun

Children are lovers of water guns, and if you help them make one of their own, they shall be very excited. You only need an old newspaper, a plastic bottle, and Fevicryl paints. You make one by spreading the paper on the worktable to prevent stains, and ask your kid to pour the paints on the bottle you have already placed flat on the table. To create unique art using different colors, you must rotate the bottle to ensure that all the colors mix. The third step involves taking the lid off the bottle and poking a hole in its center with a sharp object. Once the bottle dries, fill it with water, cap it, and squeeze it to enjoy the endless water gun fun.

14. Holi Dances and Songs

They are memorable songs that one can dance to during the Holi season. Kids can dance to the Holi songs with their comrades at designated outdoor places. If kids are not from the Hindu culture, they can familiarize themselves with the songs on YouTube. The most famous one is the baby shark-inspired Holi dance and sing-song. These songs keep the kids entertained and teach them the Holi celebrations’ great values.

13. Hand Paint Holi Card

Kids are great lovers of patterns, and the hand paint Holi card is one of the activities that can help them do so. You shall need a hand-shaped stamp (if you do not have one, let your kid use their hands), Acrylic paints, and an A4 white sheet (any other sheet color is recorded as it does not match the color you will use). The kid should fold the A4 sheet paper in half, then take the stamp or the hand and dip it into different paints. By stamping them on the paper, one shall produce palm-like patterns. They can make it more colorful by scribing Holi messages on the finger-like spaces.

12. Making DIY Organic Holi Colors

The DIY Organic Holi colors come in different colors: yellow, red, pink, and green. Making these colors takes some good time, and they help your kid improve their cooking-time management skills. Different colors demand that one use different ingredients, but the process remains the same. Standard requirements are gram flour, corn flour, lemon, turmeric powder, henna, beetroot, sieve, large bowls, and red roses. The procedure involves sieving the gram in a large bowl, adding turmeric powder to make a fine mixture, and mixing the ingredients to attain a homogeneous mixture. Lastly, you will have to sieve the mixture several times to obtain the most acceptable Holi color. For more details on each color, kindly look at them on Kidpillar.

11. Spray Painting

In spray painting, you shall require a white sheet, leaves, green color, and a toothbrush. The process should be parental-guided for relatively young kids. Securing the working area using old pieces of newspaper, place the leaves on the white sheet in a random pattern. Next, dip the toothbrush in color and sprinkle the paint on the sheet by brushing your fingers on the toothbrush. You can use the Holi colors when you do not have a toothbrush. The kid should repeat the process several times, and it shall be better if big blobs of paint fall off the brush. Lastly, take out the leaves and let the art dry.

10. Holi Spring Tree

As Holi marks the start of the Spring season in India, you can help your kids in making a Holi Spring Tree. The materials required are tissue paper and glue, whitewash, and brown paper. The process only involves three steps. First, guide your kids in drawing the different parts of the tree on brown paper. They should cut the tree shape and paste it onto the white sheet. Using crumpled pieces of multi-colored tissue paper, guide them by sticking them onto different parts of the tree using glue and see how colorful the tree is.

9. Colorful Holi Bunting

Holi bunting is one of the most suitable activities for all occasions. You can help your kids make colorful buntings and hangings during the Holi. You only need a large white sheet or a bed sheet, paint, and string. Drip paint of different colors on the sheet using a paintbrush or a syringe. Cut the sheet into your preferred size when the color dries. You can try different shapes-circles, diamond shapes, and even squares. Punch a hole at the top of each piece and use your string through all of them to make a bunting.

8. Balloon Pop Painting

Balloon pop painting is both exciting and produces unpredictable fine paints. You shall require a canvass of any size, balloons, acrylic paint, tape, and pins or darts to burst the balloons. The first thing to do is to insert a little bit of paint into each balloon, then blow them a little bit. Tie the balloons at the end, and tape them to the canvass. From a distance, you let your kid use the darts or the pin for popping the balloons. As they burst, they will spread the color over the canvas, and the paint will split into different ways producing a colorful piece of art.

7. Hammer Art Activity

Hammer art is among the messy Holi activities you can involve your children in. You shall need white paper, water paint, a hammer or a spoon, and cotton pads. The procedure is straightforward-you first take the white paper and put dots of different colors on it. Using the cotton rounds, you then cover each paint dot. You can ask your kid to predict the covered color to add more fun to the exercise. Instruct them to use the hammer to smack the covered dot to confirm whether they are correct, and you shall see the color splashing out. After smashing all the dots, remove the covers, and you will see how credible your color patterns are.

6. Rainbow in My Plate

This simple candy experiment helps your kid make rainbows on their plates. You only need a packet of M&M or gems. Instruct your kid to line the gems around the plate in a circular way and a pattern they feel most comfortable with. When they add water, they will see how the gems’ colors melt, forming a rainbow on their plate. Kindly note that the gems are coated with food coloring that quickly dissolves into the water and remains the same color.

5. Exploding Paint Bombs

When you want to color the whole place and let your kids get messy, you can let them explode paint bombs. You need watercolor paper, water-based paint for cleaning purposes, Alka seltzer tablets, and film canisters. According to Kids Activities.com, you start by pouring paint into the film canister and 1/2 of the Alka Seltzer tablet. Use the lid, tight-close the canister and shake it very well. Putting the canister upside down on the paper, wait for it to explode by sitting back at a distance. The Alka Seltzer table reacts with chemicals causing an explosion that color the paper. If your paper is so significant, you can increase the number of items you use.

4. Oil, Water, and Color Experiment

The benefit of this activity is that it teaches your children how to apply and manage oils as they play all the other Holi color activities. It involves applying baby oil on one of your kid’s hands and dampening the other with water, then taking Holi colors and applying them to both hands. After your kid has rubbed each hand with the color, ask them to wash them, starting with the hand with oil. You will notice that the hand with water is easier to clean because oil does not mix with the Holi colors. By letting your kid clean their hands, you are improving their dirt management skills.

3. Dancing Colors

Dancing colors is one of the appropriate Holi activities for grown children. The young one can participate by watching. You need two transparent jars, ice-cold water, hot water, and food colors. The procedure involves putting the ice cold and hot water in the two separate jars and then letting your child squirt equal drops into the two jars simultaneously, preferably two, as the color mixes with the water. It appears to be dancing with different patterns. Let your kid watch without stirring and repeat this using different colors.

2. Blow Painting Using Straw

Blow painting is one of the exciting Holi activities which is so simple to undertake. You only need sheets of paper, straws, and watercolors. The Procedure is so simple. First, help your kid place a sheet of paper in a tray, or they can do it outdoors. To make blowing easier, cut the straws in half. The fun is in blowing through the color drops using the straw. Using a brush or dropper, you can add more color drops to the paper and let the kid continue blowing through them until you are happy with the design you will attain. Then the kid can let the spray dry, and using a sharp object, they can cut a Holi card of their preferred size. Kids of any age and adults can do blowing colors.

1. Rainbow Crayons

You can help your children in making their rainbow crayons. The Holi is held at almost the start of the academic calendar when there are so many broken crayons. You can help your kids by recycling them and giving a new look to the old battered crayons. The procedure involves requesting your children to go around collecting crayons and sorting them according to their colors. You can then help them cut them into the sizes they prefer. Use a robot-shaped silicone tray, arrange them in the VIBGYOR pattern, and then bake them in an oven at 225*F for about 10-15 minutes. You can let your kids pop them out of the old molds when they cool.

Why Have Holi Celebrations Become So Popular Outside India?

The celebrations were initially held in India, but with time they have spread across many parts of the world. According to Time, this is attributed to the digital revolution, which has revolutionized religious integration worldwide. In addition, the growing tolerance of different religious activities in different countries has propelled Indians’ ability to celebrate Holi regardless of where they are in the world. Out of human desire, when young people see their schoolmates celebrating Holi, they will inquire and participate. The need to create more tourist attraction activities has seen more tourist companies advertise the importance of the Holi celebrations in different parts of the world, with Europe and Africa being their most significant targets.

What are The Benefits of Participating in Holi Celebrations?

There are wellness, psychological and communal benefits of kids engaging in Holi Celebrations. Foremost, they help bring communities together and teach children the beauty of other community activities. Al, the activities discussed herein help the mind relax. The bright colors used in the celebrations help stimulate breathing and heartbeat. Holi activities also serve as a constructive outdoor activity for your kids, where parents can take advantage of and create a bond between them and their children.

In Conclusion

Let your kid learn more about colors and other peoples’ cultures by participating in Holi celebrations. As you have seen, there are so many awesome activities your kids can engage in during the Holi celebrations. One of the most incredible fun is that they are no longer restricted to the Hindu alone; regardless of your religion, you can let your kids participate.

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