100+ Educational YouTube Channels for Homeschooling

I love finding new educational YouTube channels for homeschooling. YouTube has revolutionized the way some kids learn. Online learning and educational videos have made a huge impact on my son’s education.

It’s perfect for parents on a budget because it’s free! We started incorporating more and more YouTube channels into our curriculum this year.

I figured the kids were on YouTube most of the time anyway, so let’s put it to good use and find some of the best educational videos. From there, we just went with it. And the kids love it! We have started incorporating a lot of these homeschool YouTube channels into our curriculum.

100 Educational YouTube Channels for Homeschooling

P.S. If you’re having a hard time getting the kids off the screen to do chores – I have a free Earn Your Screen Time printable that may help.

YouTube also has an app called YouTube Kids. This is an app made specifically for kids. You can check it out here. If you’re a little leary on having the kids on YouTube with the app – there is a way to block channels on YouTube Kids.

Best Educational YouTube Channels for Homeschooling

Typically, my kids will use a notebook or a bullet journal so that they can jot down any notes they have about what they’re learning in the videos. This has come in handy multiple times because my daughter learns by writing things down while my son learns from visualization.

While they’re writing in the notebook and watching their videos, I’ll work on writing down what we’ve done for the day, plan out the rest of the week, or come up with some fun activities we can do at home.

I always have a planner handy while they’re watching videos because often times something will really spark their interest and will want to learn more about it. When that happens, I’ll write it down in the planner so I can remember and we can research and learn more about that particular topic.

I will continue to update this list as I discover new channels, so favorite this list and check back to see any new additions!

Science YouTube Channels for Kids

  1. Veritasium – Lots of good science videos. One of my son’s favorite channels. There are some math videos on there as well.
  2. HooplaKidzLab – So many fun experiments. Another favorite and frequently updated.
  3. Scishow – Fun for kids and all about science.
  4. Whiz Kids – We love this channel. Lots of experiments.
  5. Sick Science – Fund experiments for science.
  6. Smarter Every Day – More for the older kids and I would recommend checking out the videos first before your kiddo does.
  7. Crash Course Kids – Lots of different science subjects for 5th grade.
  8. Seeker – Videos on space, and more.
  9. Global Weirding – Weather focused. Good for elementary.
  10. Science Sparks – Another really fun channel for learning with experiments.
  11. Periodic Videos – All about the periodic table.
  12. Deep Look – Taking a deeper look at science and nature.
  13. Tyler DeWitt – Videos on almost every topic in Chemistry.

Grab these free printable to help kids learn the Scientific Method

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If you are learning about weather in science, this rainbow science craft or these rainbow activities are fun!

YouTube Channels for Practicing Math & Numbers:

  1. Numberphile – All about numbers and good for the older kids.
  2. Socratica – Again for older kids. They focus on math and science, but I see more math involved.
  3. WOWMath – More for the high school student.
  4. Think Twice – Another channel for the older kids.
  5. Mathologer – Mix of various math teachings.
  6. 3blue1brown – Math for middle schoolers and up.
  7. CTC Math – Elementary age math.
  8. Vihart – Doodling and math.
  9. Professor Leonard – Math education for older students.
  10. Math Mammoth – Great videos on helping learn math. Division, fractions, and more are covered.
  11. Math and Learning Video for Kids – Preschool to 4th-grade math videos.

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I Spy games can also be helpful when it comes to math!

History & Geography Educational Channels on YouTube

  1. Free School – Kind of a mix of things but there are a lot of history topics.
  2. History Channel – Everything history and topics you see on the History Channel.
  3. WhatIfAlHist – Lots of what-if questions answered.
  4. Kids Learning Tube – Fun geography lessons.
  5. Ollie Bye – Both history and geography.
  6. Geography Now – Learn about the different flags and other geographies.
  7. EmporerTigerstar – Good history and lessons from around the world.
  8. Travel Kids – Good for the middle school and younger.
  9. OverSimplified – Good history lessons and an option game that can be purchased for kids to play.
  10. Timeline – Some good interesting history lessons. One of our favorites.
  11. Brain Bubble – Fun history facts.

Don’t forget to grab your free state flashcards to help kids learn the 50 U.S. States.

Tip: If you’re using YouTube Kids – See how to block channels.

Other Channels with a Mixed Collection of Subjects & Interesting Facts

  1. National Geographic – Another one of our favorites.
  2. Khan Academy – All subjects.
  3. Ted-Ed – Lots of different and interesting learning videos.
  4. Second Thought – A lot of what-ifs allowing kids to ponder and think about it.
  5. Crash Course – All different subjects.
  6. It’s Okay To Be Smart – Lots of good videos from PBS.
  7. Top Tenz – Trivia and fun facts on lots of different things.
  8. Today I Found Out – Interesting facts.
  9. Professor Dave Explains – Mostly science and health.
  10. What’s Inside – Finding out what’s inside of different objects.
  11. 60Second Philosophy – Philosophy.
  12. Finding Stuff Out – Lots of random subjects.
  13. The Slow Mo Guys – Everything in slow motion.
  14. Geek Gurl Diaries – Tech for girls.
  15. Above The Noise – A channel for middle and high school students. Topics are for investigating controversial topics.
  16. Jam Campus – Learning through music on a variety of subjects.
  17. Mr. Fix It DIY – Great for kids to learn how to build and fix things.
  18. I Like To Make Stuff – A fun way for older kids to learn how to make different things.
  19. Life Noggin – A lot of why does this happen and how does this work videos.
  20. PBS Eons – Lots of history, lots of animal history.
  21. Homeschool Pop – Many different elementary learning videos.
  22. BBC Earth – Cool videos about the earth and animals.
  23. AquaKids – Learning about the ocean and water animals.
  24. Mental Floss – Fun trivia on various topics.
  25. Smithsonian – Another fun channel we like to watch.
  26. Brain Scoop – Lots of interesting videos.
  27. Brave the Wilderness – My son LOVES watching these videos.
  28. Toys and Colors – Mix and match of videos for younger kids.
  29. New Sky Kids – Fun videos for kids and many have a learning aspect to them.
  30. Homeschool Pop – A variety of different subjects for young school-aged kids.
  31. LuckyTurist – Free learning videos for kids. Flashcards style. Math- Addition, subtraction. Sight words. Spelling, shapes, telling time, months of the year, days of the week, reading, alphabet, learn colors, and more
  32. Professor Dave Explains – Dave’s plan to cover literally every single academic subject. His videos have just enough detail for high school and undergraduate students but are visually engaging and general enough for the common viewer that just wants to learn a few things.
  33. Vsauce – Our world is amazing and Vsauce wants to show students just how amazing it is.

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Writing Channels on YouTube

  1. National Writing Project – Geared for middle school and high school
  2. EssayPro – Helpful advice for constructing essays – middle and high school

Journals are a great way to help with writing as well – check out these middle school journal prompts and fall writing prompts for kids to help get them started.

Writing Prompts are extremely helpful to help children practice their writing and to get their creative thinking going.

English YouTube Channels: Phonics & Reading

  1. Hooked on Phonics – Learning to read.
  2. Phonics and Reading – Good for younger kids and helping them read.
  3. Elf Kids – Perfect for younger kids to learn phonics and reading through song.
  4. Alpha Blocks – Cartoony educational videos perfect for younger children learning to read. Some of our homeschool friends say this was one of the best educational youtube channels for elementary.
  5. Nessy – Nessy strategies for little learners.
  6. Super Simple ABC’s – Helping kids learn their letters and reading.
  7. Bounce Patrol Kids – Lots of songs about learning the alphabet.
  8. KidsTV123 – Alphabet songs.
  9. Miss Linky – Kids will learn the alphabet, learn colors, learn letters, learn numbers, learn shapes, learn days of the week, learn months of the year, learn seasons, and other popular pre-school and kindergarten themes.

This winter reading challenge will encourage them to read different winter-themed books!

Online Art Lessons and Channels

  1. Yo Kidz – Showing kids how to draw.
  2. Art for Kids Hub – It’s easy to follow along with these videos and learn how to draw.
  3. DoodleAcademy – Art lessons for kids.
  4. Red Ted Art – Cute and easy crafts for kids.
  5. The Art of Aaron Blaise – Advanced tutorials on drawing.
  6. Proko – From basic art learning to advance drawing.
  7. Draw with Jazza – Everything art including sculpting.
  8. Sara Tepes – Lots of good tutorials and tips on drawing.
  9. Baylee Jae – My daughter’s favorite artist and drawing videos.

DIY crafts are a great way to help teach art in a fun way!

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Cooking & Crafts Online Channels

  1. Messy Hands Cooking – Lots of fun recipes for kids to cook and learn about.
  2. Rosanna Pansino – One of the top kids cooking channels.
  3. 5 Minute Crafts – Different crafts and DIY tutorials for kids.
  4. Cook with Amber – Kids can follow Amber while she cooks as they learn how to create these recipes and more.

See our favorite cookbooks for kids

Physical Education & Activity Channels for Homeschool

  1. GoNoodle – A great channel for elementary-aged children to get dancing, stretching, running, jumping, deep breathing, and wiggling.
  2. Little Sports – Kids can mimic the on-screen animated characters to do exercises.
  3. CosmicKids Yoga – Yoga, mindfulness, and relaxation for kids.
  4. POPSUGAR Fitness – Exercises for kids of all ages and even adults.

Don’t forget to grab: P.E. For Kids (Daily Exercise Ideas) + 10 A Day Challenge Printable Tacker and this Spring Activities printables.

To be honest…

I think my son learned a lot more from some of these YouTube channels than he would have by reading a book! He’s more of a visual learner so it’s helped him tremendously.

If you’re looking to have your child learn a particular subject or skill you’re sure to find it somewhere on YouTube. Recently, we’ve incorporated some cooking into our curriculum. We will search for kid-friendly recipes to get the basics and then we explore adding and mixing ingredients. It’s become quite fun and the kids have a blast creating their own dishes.

Of course, sometimes our recipes don’t work out as planned but that’s ok because we learn from it and get better with the next recipe.

There are so many different educational YouTube channels for homeschooling! You can find just about everything on YouTube.

We have subscribed to so many different learning channels that have helped. These YouTube channels have been so helpful. It’s something we can use any time and we often use them on the go running errands or while we are waiting at an appointment.

While these are free resources, there are a few very good educational STEM and other programs that will help children learn more.

I use these in addition to the YouTube channels. These are paid educational subscription boxes, but definitely worth the low monthly cost (around $20 a month) for learning and creating.


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    Extra Credits History (My favorite history series ever, that my 8 year old and my teenager liked equally).
    Here’s a link to their videos in Chronological order: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HyjLt_RGEww&list=PLNrSB5MiuZsJ05dQ3NrzN8BANMvCwwraY

    They Might Be Giants Kids Videos
    They have sesame street style videos with fun songs that sound modern and cool about everything from science to letters.

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