72 Best Gifts for Homeschool Moms: Curated Ideas

Homeschooling is a rewarding experience for both the parent and the child, but it can also be challenging. One of the most important aspects of homeschooling is making sure that the mother gets the recognition she deserves!

This list is curated with the homeschool mom in mind. Whether you are looking for a gift for Mother’s Day, her birthday, or Christmas, we have you covered.

little girl smiling up at her mom while working on homschool letters at table

Check out our list of over 70 best gifts for homeschool moms!

From books and planners to jewelry and coffee mugs to gifts for moms that love traveling, crafts, and other interests, we’ve got something for every homeschool mom on your list.

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20 Simple Gift Ideas for Homeschool Moms

  1. Jewelry (especially something with a personalized or meaningful card attached)
  2. Hobby specific gift such as a new tennis racket, knitting needles, or fitness tracker
  3. Gift card to a local bookstore or online retailer
  4. Tickets to a play, concert, or movie
  5. Home baked goods or a basket of fruit
  6. A day at the spa
  7. Apple Pencil or other tech device
  8. Airpods or other wireless headphones
  9. A new coffee mug or travel mug
  10. A gift certificate for a massage or other relaxation service
  11. Personalized mug
  12. A day of pampering
  13. T-shirt that says “Super Mom”
  14. Book on homeschooling
  15. “I can Homeschool and I’m a Badass” tote bag
  16. Home organization book
  17. Gift certificate to a local restaurant that delivers
  18. “You’re doing an amazing job” card
  19. An indoor plant in a lovely modern pot
  20. Family subscription to someplace local that would make for interesting field trips and adventures
smiling woman and son laying on floor doing creative project

Gift Ideas for a New Homeschool Mom

Starting to homeschool can be daunting, so a great gift for a new homeschool mom is something that will make her feel supported and encouraged. Here are some ideas:

  1. A subscription to a homeschooling magazine or online homeschooling resource
  2. Planner specifically for homeschooling moms
  3. Tickets to a homeschooling conference
  4. Subscription to a homeschooling magazine
  5. Homeschooling curriculum
  6. Basket filled with homeschooling-themed items like pens, pencils, paper, etc.
  7. Gift card to a local homeschooling bookstore
  8. Monthly subscription to a homeschooling podcast
  9. A subscription to a homeschool magazine or online forum
  10. A book on homeschooling styles
  11. A set of educational flashcards or games
  12. A personalized Homeschool Mom mug
  13. A gift certificate to a local homeschool supply store
  14. A “You got this!” Homeschool Mom T-shirt

Gift Ideas for Veteran Homeschooling Mom

If you know a veteran homeschooling mom, chances are she has everything she needs to continue schooling her children at home.

So what do you get the woman who has everything? Here are some ideas:

  • A day of rest! Give her a day off from homeschooling duties, whether that means you take over for the day or hire a babysitter/tutor for the day.
  • A homemade meal or a night out on the town
  • Tickets to a homeschooling or creative outlet/hobby conference or seminar
  • Encourage her to help spread her wisdom and experience to others by supporting her entrepreneurial side in starting a blog, a social media page, or Teachers Pay Teachers seller account. Pay for web hosting, site design, a logo or branding service, or ask her how you can best support her!

Gift Ideas for a Sporty Mom or a Mom who loves fitness

woman at gym smiling at the camera while holding a water bottle with other gym goers in background

Here are some top gift ideas for the fitness-loving mom who always finds the time to her exercise in when while teaching her kids:

  • -A gym membership
  • -A Fitbit
  • -A yoga mat
  • -A set of dumbbells
  • -A jump rope
  • -An exercise ball
  • -A Pilates reformer machine
  • -Weighted gloves for working out
  • -Fitness tracker app

If the homeschool mom in your life loves to stay active, any of these gifts would be perfect for her.

A gym membership is a great way to help her stay healthy and fit, and a Fitbit will help her track her progress.

A yoga mat, set of dumbbells, jump rope, or exercise ball are all great ways to help her work out at home, and a Pilates reformer machine is a great way to help her get a full body workout.

A fitness tracker app is also a great way to help her track her progress and see how she is doing.

Gifts for the Nerdy Mom or the Mom Who Loves to Learn

Here are some top gift ideas for the nerdy mom or the mom who loves to learn:

  • Kindle
  • A Kindle Unlimited or Audible membership to fulfill her love of reading.
  • A set of encyclopedias is a great way for her to share her love of learning about different topics with her kids.
  • A gorgeous world map from her geography lessons which are no doubt full of first-hand experiences.
  • A telescope to help her stargaze and learn about the universe.
  • A subscription to a science or history magazine.

Gift for the Mom who loves to Travel

If your homeschool mom loves to travel, then consider getting her a travel journal. This way, she can document all of her adventures and share them with you and the rest of the family.

mother posing in front of military tourist site with two small children

You can also get her personalized keychain ornaments with maps of all the places she’s been.

Another unique gift idea would be to pay for her membership to Scott’s Cheap Flights or other Premium Airfare Hacking service to help her catch and take advantage of great deals.

After all, one of the perks of homeschooling, road schooling or world schooling is the opportunity to travel as part of the curriculum!

With that in mind any outdoor or nature accessory would probably be well received—think a new daypack for homeschool field trips, or a funny water bottle to take along for the ride!

Gifts for the Mom who loves to be Organized

If your homeschool mom loves to be organized, then a great gift idea would be to get her a planner—either a paper planner or a digital homeschool or life planner.

There are so many different kinds of planners out there, so you can definitely find one that fits her needs and style.

If she craves organization yet never seems to have the time to complete it all, consider treating her to an in-home consultation with a professional organizer.

These individuals can be extremely helpful in walking through spaces and helping to identify key areas of need as well as unique solutions for organizing systems that will work for the family as a whole.

Beautiful home accessories that double as storage, such as a large blanket basket, are also great gifts as they help cut down on clutter while keeping everything in its place.

Gifts for the Homeschool Mom who loves to be Crafty

If Mom loves crafting alongside her kids, then find ways to help her build on that creativity.

A Cricut machine is a perfect gift to give practically limitless design and creative opportunities or try something unique like a wood engraving or glass etching set, or the modern paint by number masterpieces for adults.

Paying for her and a friend to attend a Sip and Paint night at a local art studio would also be a really fun and unexpected gift—with the added bonus of giving her time with friends!

Finding the perfect gift for a homeschool mom can be a daunting task, but we hope that our list of the best gifts for homeschool moms has given you some great ideas.

Whether your mom loves to learn, travel, be organized, or craft, we have something here that will fit her interests and personality.

So go out and show your homeschool mom some love with a thoughtful and unique gift!

Happy gifting!

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