10 Simple Methods for Organization in the Kitchen (That Actually Work)

This quick and easy ideas for organization in the kitchen are hacks that everyone needs to try!

Most people wish they had more space in their kitchens. Even larger kitchens can become disorganized if space is not utilized efficiently.

For most people, organizing their kitchens feels overwhelming if they don’t know where to begin. This guide helps make organizing a kitchen easy!

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Easy Ways to Finally Get Real Organization in the Kitchen

Hanging Pots

Pot racks free up a lot of space in kitchen cabinets, leaving room for small kitchen appliances or other kitchen accessories.

They are not expensive and come in a variety of finishes and styles.

Magnetic Knife Strips

These help keep knives accessible to the chef and out of the hands of children reaching in kitchen drawers.

Also, knife strips free up kitchen drawer space, keeping a more organized space.

Wall Spice Rack

Placing a shelf in the kitchen to contain spices in a nice row helps keep them at arm’s reach while also allowing premium kitchen cabinet space to be utilized in other ways.

Can Organizer

This pantry can rack can keep canned goods contained and tidy, leaving more room in cabinets for a more organized kitchen.

It also helps to avoid wasting food on expired canned food that always seems to get pushed to the back of the pantry.

Hanging Shelves

IKEA—one of the greatest sources for organizing solutions—offers shelves and rails which can contain anything from paper towel rolls, spices, and cutlery.

The GRUNDTAL series is especially good for kitchen organization.

Clear Counters

Fewer things say ‘uncluttered kitchen’ like clear counters.

After freeing up cabinet space utilizing previous suggestions, store small kitchen appliances in cabinets. Only keep essential appliances that are used daily on countertops, such as a coffee maker.

Contain Sink Clutter

Sinks can sometimes appear cluttered due to the accessories people often keep near them.

Organize sink accessories such as soap, dish detergent, sponge, and rubber gloves by keeping them in a small caddy under the kitchen sink that can be pulled out when necessary.

Liquid soap can be portioned in a small decorative container next to the sink for handwashing.

De-clutter Junk Drawer

Almost everyone has a ‘junk drawer’ in their kitchen. Organize it by separating it into compartments.

An idea would be something like this drawer organizer, which is expandable.

Then containing useful kitchen items such as scissors, pens, take-out menus, and Scotch tape will be a breeze.


Hooks are an excellent way to have in a kitchen for organization.

By screwing hooks in strategic places, kitchen necessities such as an apron, dish towels, and even larger utensils can be easily reached and can free up space in cabinets.

Pare Down and Store

Another way to organize a kitchen is to pare down items that are no longer used. Storing seasonal items elsewhere allows more space for kitchen items that are used on a daily basis. Also, small appliances that do double duty serve to create less clutter.

Here are some other great organizing products:

Organizing a kitchen has many benefits. It creates an environment conducive to preparing meals. It is more aesthetically pleasing than a cluttered space, and people who have organized kitchens often eat healthier because they prepare meals rather than ordering out or using convenience foods.

With a few simple modifications, anyone can enjoy an organized kitchen.

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