50 Writing Prompts for 7th Graders That Aren’t Boring

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Seventh grade writing prompts are designed to help kids develop their cognitive skills. Since not every child has an innate writing ability, these writing prompts help them to develop what skills they do have. Writing skills are vital to the success of any student, and these writing prompts are designed to help the teacher help the student develop their abilities.

What is a Writing Prompt?

A writing prompt is designed to assist and inspire writers of all ages. Often times, writers find facing a blank page a bit daunting, so the prompt gives them a place to start, even if they don’t stay on the same track. For instance, a writing prompt may be about an elephant, but the end piece may end up being about a pony. In effect, there are no rules regarding writing prompts, they are just there to inspire or help the writer get over writers block.

50 Writing Prompts for 7th Graders

Below are 50 writing prompts for 7th graders that aren’t boring. To keep it exciting, we’ve included some writing prompts that test the students command over fantasy stories, while others are straight forward and simple. These writing prompts are designed to ignite the students creativity, to encourage them to think outside the box. For instance, writing prompts where a student is given a surreal painting and told to write a fantasy story around it, or create a story based on some of their favorite fictional characters, help them unleash their creativity.

1. Write a story about a magical toymaker who makes toys that come alive after midnight. You peek into the room and see your toys moving. What are they doing? Next, what are they saying? What would happen if you walked in there?

2. Ask your mom if you can bake a chocolate cake. Afterwards, write a descriptive essay about the experience. Include some dialogue between you and your mom, the steps you took to make it and the ingredients used.

3. Write a comparison/contrast essay after drinking a glass of Pepsi and one glass of ginger ale. How are they the same, and how are they different?

4. What is your favorite joke? Tell us here. Next, explain to us why the joke is funny to you?

5. Write a story about a young child who is trying to convince her parents to buy her a pony. What would she say to persuade the parents?

6. Compare and contrast these two items: A batch of chocolate brownies and a chocolate cake. Are they similar in any way? In what ways are they different?

7. Write a fantasy story set in an amusement park that includes these three things: An elf, cotton candy, and a unicorn.

8. Would you rather have time set aside during the school day to do your homework or take the homework home with you to finish? Explain your answer.

9. Write a spooky story about an astronaut who finds an artifact on Mars. What happens next? Is the artifact haunted? What super powers does the astronaut get from the artifact?

Fun Writing Prompts

10. Choose the fairytale and rewrite it. For instance, you can choose Goldilocks and the Three Bears and turn it into a spooky story, or you can take the tale of Little Boy Blue and turn it into the story of a musician in a rock band.

11. Write a story about an ancient Samurai warrior who is brought into the modern day via magic to complete and ancient quest. What was the quest? Did the Samurai successfully complete the quest?

12. Think about your favorite movies. Now, choose one to rewrite. In other words, how could you make it better? You can work on the plot or even write a completely new ending.

13. Write a fun piece of fan fiction. This means you take a game, movie or television show you enjoy and write a completely new story about it.

14. Write a descriptive essay describing how you feel riding roller coasters. For instance, how do you feel when waiting in line? Are you super excited the closer the line gets to the ride itself? What does it feel like to start the ride? How do you feel when the ride ends?

15. Write a narrative that includes these three items: A book, a magic wand, and a bicycle.

Prompts to Challenge You

16. You are put in cryogenesis. Cryogenesis means that you have been frozen with the intent of being woken up in the future. Write a story about waking up 500 years in the future. Are you the only human in the world or are you surrounded by tons of people? Are you frightened, curious or both? Explain. Let your imagination run free.

17. You visit Jurassic Park. You are given the choice of having any dinosaur you want as a pet. Which dinosaur would you choose and why did you choose it? What would you name it?

18. Write a fantasy story about three fearless warriors who are given the task of stopping an evil genius from taking over the world. You can give the characters any superpower you want. This is your world, write it any way you want.

19. Write a fantasy story about a young girl and include these three items: A tea pot, a box of cupcakes and a magical, winged dragon.

20. Write a scary story about three girls who plan a slumber party. That night they decide to play a game called “Cat Scratch” where they must each make up a scary story about a cat or cats. Write 3 short scary stories about cats for this piece.

21. A spaceship malfunction sends an alien to earth, where the ship crashes in a lake near a vacation cabin where it’s discovered by a brother and sister. Did the brother and sister make friends with the alien? If so, tell us about it. What if the alien turns out to be bad? What happens then?

22. Write a story about a mechanical boy who was left to fend for himself on a strange planet when the spaceship left and was befriended by an alien.

23. Did you see the animated film “Inside Out”? If you did, give us your opinion of the movie.

24. A group of three friends visit a Halloween Haunted House. Little do they know that the Haunted House is run by an elderly sorcerer and behind one of the doors is a large maze. What happens when one of the friends opens the door to the maze?

25. Right at this moment, sit still and examine how you feel at this very moment. It’s ok to jot down some ideas on a notepad. Next, write a free form poem describing how you feel.

More Great Writing Prompts

26. Explain what the words “peer pressure” mean. Next, do you think it’s a good idea or bad idea to give in to peer pressure.

27. When confronted by friends to do a thing or things that you know is wrong, write about power of saying the word “no” in this case.

28. Take a look at this surrealistic painting and write a story about it. What is happening here? Did they just finish an adventure? If so, what was the adventure. Let your imagination run wild!

29. Watch this short film. After watching this short film, tell us what this film meant to you. What did you feel while watching it? What did you learn from the film?

30. What is your favorite video game? Who are the main characters in the game? Tell us about it and why you like it. Finally, what would happen if you woke up one day and found yourself in the game?

31. Read the following poem by poet Shel Silverstein:

‘Snowball’ By Shel Silverstein

I made myself a snowball

As perfect as could be.

I thought I’d keep it as a pet

And let it sleep with me.

I made it some pajamas

And a pillow for its head.

Then last night it ran away,

But first it wet the bed.

Did you enjoy the poem? Did you find it funny? If so, what was it that was funny?

Interesting Prompts

32. Watch this episode of “Stingray”. Next, describe the plot. Would you like to live underwater? Why or why not? After watching this episode, tell us how important friendships are to you. What was your favorite character?

33. Write an adventure/fantasy spooky story about a group of friends in the 7th grade who befriend a lonely ghost of a young boy. The ghost really wants to visit an amusement park. Write a story of the friends taking the ghost to an amusement park.

34. If you have grandparents, go and talk to them. Ask them to tell you a story about when they were your age. Next, write a story based on the tale your grandparents told you.

35. Where in the world would you most like to spend a vacation? Have you ever been there before? If so, tell us what it was like. What is it about this place that draws you to it?

36. You’re going on a long road trip with your family this summer. Name four books that you will bring with you. Next, tell us why you chose each book.

37. Imagine if you received $1,000 for your birthday. What would you do with it? What would you buy?

38. Think of your favorite superheroes. Of all those superheros which one has the powers that you’d most like to have? Next, be sure to tell us just why you chose that superpower and what you’d do with it.

39. Imagine that you are a lost dog and you can’t find your way back home. How does it feel? Do you feel frightened? Do you miss your family?

40. Imagine that you have the power to create your very own mythological creature. What would you create? What will it look like? Does it have any special superpowers? If so, what are they?

Writing Prompts to Get You Thinking

41. Watch this “Our Gang” clip from the 1930s. Compare it to how you live today. What’s different about the lives of kids way back then, as to how you live today? Do you like living today better? If so why?

42. Have you ever stayed up late at night? If so, tell us just how different the night is than the daytime. Do you like the night or daytime better? Why or why not?

43. Write a story about a character who drinks a magic potion and becomes very small. What do they do? What does it feel like?

44. How would you persuade your parents to let you have a puppy? What would you say to them? If you got the puppy, what would you name it and what color is it?

45. Write a story about a character who discovers a door in the basement. When the character opens the door, they find that it leads to a most magical place. Where does the door lead to? What happens to the character if they go through the door?

46. Think of your favorite movie. Next, take those characters and write an entirely different adventure for them.

47. Would you like to live in a tree house? This tree house would have food, furniture and electric. Would you like to live there? Why or why not?

48. You are chosen to be a colonist on a spaceship to the moon. Would you go? Write about the adventure and how you feel about it.

49. Write a story about a turtle that finds a magic wand. What’s the turtle’s name? What does the turtle do with the magic wand? Does it turn itself into a different kind of animal? If so, which one and why.

50. Write a story about you and your best friends who decide to hide in a shopping mall at night. When everyone leaves the mall, what do you and your friends do? Is it scary?

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