50 Awesome Pinterest Writing Prompts


A writing prompt is a brief statement which is used to guide a writer. There are no specific rules regarding writing prompts. They can be short or long, they can include questions, character descriptions and even possible conclusions. Basically, they are simple tools to help spark a writers creativity. For instance, a writer may settle on a writing prompt about horses, but may end up writing about cats. In other words, they exist only to inspire. Writing prompts can be used for all forms of writing including but not limited to:

  • Essays
  • Narratives
  • Descriptive writing
  • Plays
  • Journals
  • Non-fiction
  • Fiction

What are the Benefits of Using Writing Prompts?

In effect, any writing assignment can benefit from the author using a writing prompt. One of the main benefits of using a writing prompt is to eliminate the dreaded ‘blank page’. Many writers, no matter how accomplished, have a difficult time starting out staring at a blank page. Another benefit is to help writers overcome writers block. This is due in part to the construction of some writing prompts.

According to Garth Sundem and Kristi Pikiewicz, a writing prompt generally has “two basic components: the prompt itself and directions explaining what the students should do with it.”. However, some writing prompts can be a statement only, an image, video or piece of music. In effect, the main benefit of using writing prompts is to give gentle direction to writers of all genres.

50 Awesome Pinterest Writing Prompts

Below are 50 Pinterest writing prompts. Some of these prompts are simple statements designed for those new to using writing prompts, while others contain statements with questions, and still others use images and music to inspire you. Remember, the prompt is only here to inspire, to eliminate the fear of the blank page or help alleviate writers block. This means that if you select one that centers on horror, yet it brings a certain memory to mind that is humorous instead, then just keep riding on that wave of creativity!

Some Prompts for You

1. Write a horror story about a geneticist that finds out his wife is cheating on him with his young, handsome student assistant. His revenge is sweet as he uses his scientific skills to shrink his wife and lover, imprisoning them in a dollhouse.

2. Write a short story about a goblin who accidentally loses his favorite stuffed toy bunny, and goes on a quest in a magical forest to find it.

3. Start a story where the main protagonist finds him/herself/themselves contemplating the existence of a single rose in a garden. Exercise your creativity.

4. Write a simple story about a character who emerges from a divorce bitter and jaded. He rents a room from an eccentric, elderly lady who spoils him by cooking exquisite dinners. Little does the man know that he is being fattened up for a very specific reason, and it’s not good.

5. Write a story about a bitter, middle-aged, short order cook at a local cafe who gets locked in an amusement park funhouse overnight, where the attractions come alive. Each attraction in the funhouse exacts vengeance for individuals lives he’s ruined.

6. Listen to this song, “The Gale” by the band Insomnium. Next, use it as the basis for a story where the main protagonist finds an old family treasure at a local thrift shop. Is it magical, helpful, harmful or does it spur old memories? You decide.

7. For anime fans: Write a story about a character who has just binge watched “Attack on Titan”. When they wake up, they find themselves in that world. They go to the window and find Titans devouring their neighbors. How does it end?

8. Write a first person fantasy tale. While cleaning out the attic of your grandmothers house, you come across an old trunk. You open up the trunk and find an old book of magic. What do you do with it and how does this transform you?

9. Look at this image. Write a story about a an elderly woman staring out a window. What is she contemplating? Regrets? Triumphs?


10. Write about a nightwatchman who hears an unusual sound in the basement of a shopping mall. He enters the basement of the mall with nothing but a flashlight. Let your imagination run wild.

11. Write a thriller about five friends who are invited to visit an escape room to celebrate a birthday party. Little do they know that they are the subjects in an underground pay-per-view reality show. Towards the end they learn that the only way to find the final clue, is to murder one of their own. Will they do it in order to buy their freedom?

12. Write a drama about 3 strangers who’s car breaks down in a small town during a mysterious power outage. The streets are filled with a dark, slimy mist. The characters are two gorgeous sisters searching for their mother and a young male hitchhiker they picked up.

13. Write a children’s story about a lithe and lovely frog searching for someone to explain the meaning of friendship and love. Where does the journey take them?

14. Write a futuristic tale about an old, forgotten experiment from the 1960s that comes back to haunt earth in 2025. The experiment involved sending a pod of nanobots to another planet. While scientists on Earth thought it dormant and dead, in reality, the nano’s learned from one another and created an entire civilization of humanoid robots that now threatens earth.

Still More

15. Write a sci-fi story about a group of colonists who are drawn to an unusual Martian artifact that lures them to it’s location. What is the purpose of this artifact? Is the effect of the artifact positive or negative? Free your creativity.

16. Write a children’s story about a baby polar bear who has lost its family. He is adopted by one of Santa’s reindeer, Blitzen and a little elf named Earl who go on a quest to find his family.

17. Write a dark/noir/horror story about a young, handsome 300 year old vampire who runs a bookstore/coffee shop in town. It seems the townsfolk are becoming eerily addicted to the special coffee served here.

18. Write a story for Juvenile readers about a boy named Liam and his best buddy Jennifer as they decide to run away after Jennifer’s mother marries an abusive man. What do they learn? What conflicts did they face and overcome?

19. Write a somewhat bittersweet story about a cyborg (part man and part machine) who was accidentally left behind on a planet when the expedition left. He decides to deconstruct part of himself in order to craft a small cyborg friend. Is he successful? If so, what is their relationship dynamic?

20. Write a story about a woman in her 40s with a commanding presence, who is considered the Diva or Queen of the Las Vegas strip. In this story, create at least three carefully crafted characters who have a history with her. No rules here, you can turn it into a drama, comedy or horror story. You choose.

21. Write a dark fantasy story about a genie enslaved by a wicked 9 year old boy. What does the 9 year old ask the genie to do? Center on the conflict between the two and the internal conflict faced by the genie as he’s asked to shrink the boys family and watch as he tortures them.

More Prompts

22. Take a look at this painting and compose a surrealistic narrative. In other words, write a story about what you think is happening here. Is it a dream or a an occurrence in another dimension?

23. Use this song, “Oceans” by Dawn of Tears to provide the mood for this piece. Write a children’s story about an elderly man sitting on a dock, talking to an old, beautiful orange and white fish. As it turns out, as a small child he befriended the most magical Koi fish. The two went on magical adventures together. One day, a man came to the house with an offer to buy the fish, which he did. Desperate, the young boy sets out on a quest to save his friend. When he accomplishes his mission, he realizes he can’t go back home again, as his parents will return the fish to the man. He then makes the brave decision return the fish to the lake, where they both continue to go on magical trips together until his death.

24. Write a feel-good story where the narrative is told from the POV of a young boy who some consider slightly odd. However, he is a kind soul who lives in a loving family but cannot seem to keep out of trouble.

25. Write a story about a small, isolated community just experienced a tragedy. However, all is not as it seems as one by one, residents are being murdered with people realizing that the killer is one of them.

More Prompts

26. A young divorcee meets the perfect man. However, soon things begin to unravel as the gaslighting begins, but is it him?

27. Write a story about a mystery writer who kills his wife and tries to frame a rival author. However, this writer refuses to be blackmailed and turns the tables on the mystery writer.

28. Write a feel-good story about a compassionate man who just went through a painful divorce and decides to take his van across country. On the way, his van breaks down in a small, poor desert town. In order to pay his way, he agrees to help the town build a much needed school.

29. Write a comedy about a confirmed bachelor. Lawyer by trade, who finds a way to get his girlfriend to stop nagging him to marry her: He asks his personal assistant to pose as his wife.

30. Write a story about a meek, introverted comic book writer who roams the streets by night with the objective to murder the unsuspecting. A clever detective is assigned to the case. His unconventional skills soon uncover the killers M.O.: He includes his murders within his own comic books.


31. Write a dark, noir tale about a group of five lonely, disenfranchised people who are forced to reside in a seaside hotel during the aftermath of an apocalypse. The group is composed of 3 men and two women.

32. Use this song, “Silence in the House of Tongues” by Dark Tranquility to set the mood. A beautiful, manipulative woman sets her sites on a wealthy playwright. She worms her way into his heart, marries him and begins to tear his family apart, isolating him from family and friends.

33. Due to a government experiment gone awry, the world of demons has blended with the human world. Nothing can be done to reverse this. The task of keeping order falls to highly trained men and women known as Peacemakers. Write a story of an unconventional, inventive and dangerous Peacemaker and how they battle demons and humans both in order to keep order amid the chaos.

34. Time to exercise your funny bone! Write a comedy script or story based on the “Bickersons”.

35. Write a horror story about a reality show that is filming in an abandoned mansion. The mansion is on an island. There is no way off the island until the crew returns on Monday. All 7 reality show contestants begin to experience odd events, including ghost sittings, murders, and more…but is it real?

36. An a newly married insurance agent is held hostage in a small village, his captors believe that his new wife passed an important document to him that they desperately need. In order to find this document they try to ply him with many devices, including a pill that controls his dreams. During this time, he plots his escape.

More Ideas

37. Write a hard-hitting and believable story about a young hacker that accidentally comes across evidence of that the moon is inhabited–by descendants of WWII Nazi’s.

38. Attracted by the image of a hot chick, a young man arranges a hook-up with her on Tinder for the following night. All he knows about her is that she has a thing for pink, plush bunny ears as she was a Playboy Bunny. That day he goes out shopping and sees a little old lady struggling with bags. He offers to assist her to her car. As he grabs the bags, he can’t help but see inside where he notices several rolls of Duck tape, some rope, a knife and a pair of pink, plushy bunny ears.

39. Write a comedy about an older, eccentric drag queen and life-partner who are set in their ways and how they deal with their conservative son.

40. Write a dark, horror story about a YouTube streamer who wakes up one day on the set of a sadistic, fellow YouTuber streamers online reality show. In order to survive and get the the next level, he must complete a series of ghoulish tasks while competing against other YouTubers.

41. A series of mysterious disappearances and murders greet a new arrival at an elite boarding school. She must discover the truth behind the horrific occurrences.

42. A neurotic, chain smoking popular stand up comic meets a girl at one of his gigs. She’s his exact opposite. Write a story about his realization that she is ‘the one’ and what he must go through to make the relationship work.

A Little More

43. Write a story about the host of a children’s TV show called “The Children’s Hour”. On screen she is charming and loved by all. Off screen she’s a cruel and manipulative woman, who will stop at nothing in her search for success, including wrecking marriages and damaging lives.

44. Write a story about a team of scientists who are trying to stave off an upcoming apocalypse via a time machine. After sending one researcher through into the future. There, that researcher sees that humans are now a race of radiation damaged people divided into two main groups: The elite and the feeders. The elite grow and harvest the remaining humans (feeders) for food. The researcher is careful to not be seen. He notices a notebook on the ground, picks it up and reads the cover: The Time Machine by H.G. Wells. That researcher then returns to state the dire truth: They are the ones who are responsible for the apocalypse in the first place.

45. Write a story about an elderly vampire hunter, Henry, who settles himself in a nice, Midwestern town with the intent to retire. However, to his astonishment, the town he decided to retire in is populated with vampires and their guardians. He learns that he was lured there by a real estate agent who is trying to exact revenge on the vampires who killed his family and keeps Henry prisoner until he agrees to help.

More Prompts

46. Write a gruesome horror story about two teenage thugs who rob and murder innocents as a way to make bank. One day they come upon a beautiful woman in jewels, rob and murder her. What they don’t know is that she’s in reality a vampire who stalks, torments and captures them with the objective of being her eternal food source. She also uses their screams of torment for her musical underworld concerts, as she makes music by cutting, carving and plucking their bodies on stage.

47. Twin sisters must find a way to deal with their cruel and manipulative step father before it’s too late.

48. Write an otherworldly, sci-fi/fantasy story about mermaids who are enslaved on an artificial island in order to work undersea seaweed farms.

49. A clever, plain, young woman meets a handsome and wealthy man who quickly becomes her suitor. After just a few dates, he brings her home to his isolated family mansion on an island. She accidently finds out that they are actually a cult that plans to kill her in a ritual. She turns the tables on them and escapes.

50. One night, the sky lights up with thousands of metal balls. These metal balls begin to fall to earth. Upon closer inspection it’s revealed they are pods. But pods of what? That’s for you to decide.

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