50 Awesome End of Year Writing Prompts

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It doesn’t matter if you’re writing a journal for personal growth or an end-of-year writing assignment for a favorite class, there are times when it’s easier than others to come up with something to actually write about.

Some days, you have something that’s on your mind to the point that you can’t wait to start writing. On other days, you struggle to come up with a topic. That’s where these writing prompts come in. If you need to write about something that has to do with the end of the year (either the calendar year or the school year), here are 50 of them for you to choose from.

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50. Write about two or more moments this year that really moved you.

Think about the things that really made you feel something intensely. Choose just a couple of those moments and write about what you were feeling. Be sure to include why you felt that way.

49. Think about something that really challenged you to think differently this past year and write about it.

Adapting the way you think is part of the growth process. How were you challenged this past year? Choose something that made you think about things from an entirely different perspective.

48. Did you have a time when you were happier than ever throughout the past year? Write about the circumstances surrounding those feelings.

It’s always nice to think about a time when you were extremely happy. Write about such a time that occurred within the past year. You can use it later when you need a pick-me-up or you’re trying to find a way to feel inspired.

47. Journal about something that made you feel extremely sad.

Unfortunately, we all have days when we struggle with negative emotions. Think about such a time during the past year and elaborate on your feelings.

46. Write about an event that made you stronger this past year.

Sometimes, the things we think we will never get through are the things that show us how strong we truly are. Did you go through something similar? If so, write about how you coped and how you are different today because of it.

Asking Children About Their Day

45. When you think about challenges you’ve faced throughout the past year, make note of what you did to overcome them.

If you can write about the specific things you did to overcome certain challenges, you might be able to inspire someone else.

44. Are you especially proud of something you’ve done this year? Write about it.

It might seem odd to pat yourself on the back so to speak, but you deserve to celebrate your victories just as much as anyone else. Think about something you did that made you feel proud and tell your story.

43. What types of things did you engage in for personal growth this past year?

If we don’t grow, we become stagnant. How did you deliberately engage in things to grow and develop throughout the past year? This can be anything you want, as it will look different for each individual.

42. Is there something you learned about yourself that took you by surprise?

Maybe you actually surprised yourself somewhere along the way. Did it come in the form of displaying more courage than you thought you had? Maybe you tried a new skill and discovered you have a natural talent for it. Whatever it might be, write about it while including how it surprised you.

41. Write about any major changes you’ve made to your life throughout the past year.

They say the only thing that remains truly constant is change. What are some of the major changes you have personally experienced throughout the past year?

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40. Think about everything that’s happened in the past year. Is there something you would have liked to have handled differently? If so, write about it and explain your reasoning.

We all have things we wish we would have done differently. Is there something you wish you could go back and fix?

39. Did something happen that caused a significant change in your daily life?

Whether you decided to make a change or it was something you couldn’t avoid, write about how your daily life has changed as a direct result of something major.

38. Did you decide to learn a new skill or take up a new hobby this past year?

Maybe you’ve been wanting to do something like this for years and you finally decided to take the plunge. If so, write about what you decided to do. How did it go?

37. Did you decide to learn a skill you’ve always wanted to learn?

Learning something new can be both exciting and scary, but it’s almost always a rewarding experience. Is there something you decided to tackle this past year?

36. Write about your most meaningful relationships throughout the past year.

No one can do everything on their own. As a matter of fact, who wants to? Part of life involves developing strong bonds with others. Which relationships have been the most important to you?

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35. Who were the people you depended on the most? How do you think they will play into your life in the coming year?

Write about the person (or people) that have always been there for you this past year. How has their support helped you get through challenges? How do you think those relationships will look as you move forward?

34. Did you take a big risk this past year? If so, write about why you decided to do so.

Risk can wake you up and make you feel alive. If you never take a risk, you have no idea what you are truly capable of. Write about something risky you decided to do this year.

33. How did you decide to make positive changes in your life throughout the year?

Change might be hard but it is a necessary part of life. Are there some positive changes you decided to make in your life throughout the year?

32. Did you get closer to living the life you’ve always dreamed of this past year?

Sadly, a lot of people dream about having a certain life, yet they actually live a much different one. Did you take steps to get yourself closer to the life you have always dreamed of having?

31. What steps have you taken to work on your goals?

The goals you have in life won’t just fall into your lap. You have to take small steps that lead to bigger goals. What types of things have you done to work on your goals? Remember, even small steps count.

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30. Did you meet any new friends this past year? What about reconnecting with old friends you haven’t seen in a while?

A good friend can literally change your life. Have you made a new friend this year, one you’re truly grateful for? Maybe you’ve started spending time with old friends again. Write about your experiences and how they have helped to shape you.

29. Is there something specific you will miss about the past year?

It’s normal to miss certain things. Write about something/someone you will miss.

28. Pick your favorite memory from the entire year and write about it.

This can be anything. It doesn’t have to be something grand. It only needs to matter to you.

27. If you could go back to any day this past year, what would it be and why?

Maybe you had the best day or perhaps there is something you would like to correct. Whatever the case, write about it from your own perspective.

26. Write about how the lessons you’ve learned throughout the year will help your future self.

You might consider this a letter to you, something that you won’t read for at least a few more years. What would you like to say?

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25. Write about the day this past year that was more special to you than any other day.

If you could only pick one, what would it be? Why is it important?

24. Pick a book you love that has also been made into a film. How are the two similar? How are they different?

Books and films by the same name are often quite different. This is a topic you can have some fun with, especially if you love to read or you’re a film buff.

23. Is there something you want to do to celebrate the end of the year? What does that look like for you?

Maybe you have grand plans in store. On the other hand, you might be more in tune with watching the sun go down and listening to come great music.

22. Simply reflect on everything you’ve experienced in the past year and write the narrative.

Be sure to touch on all the important points of your life.

21. The best things often happen in what we think are routine moments. Write about the “routine” things that you will remember from this past year.

If you choose to write about this one, you’ll likely come back to read it again and again as the years pass.

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20. Reflect on your feelings about the past year and write a poem.

If you love poetry, this might be one of your favorite options.

19. Think about a special talent you possess. How would you teach that skill to someone else?

One of the best ways to hone your own skills is to teach another. How would you go about teaching something to someone?

18. Now consider a talent that you would like to develop. How can you accomplish that goal?

Is there a class you can take? Do you need to set aside time to achieve your goals? Think it through and then put your plans into action.

17. Think about your life next year; in the next five years. What would you like to accomplish? How will the lessons you learned this past year help you succeed?

You might consider this one a roadmap for your life, at least for the next few years.

16. Write about the things you have learned throughout the year that might be of help to someone else.

The things you’ve learned along the way might prove useful to another person. Don’t be afraid to tell your story.

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15. Write about how someone helped you with something this past year.

We all need a little help from time to time. Who helped you and how did their act of kindness make you feel?

14. How did you choose to help someone else?

By the same token, you might have decided to help another person. If so, tell your story.

13. Write about how you’ve adapted throughout the year.

We all have to adapt to things. It’s the only way to survive. What have you adapted to this year?

12. What was the best food you ate this year?

Did you go out or order in? Maybe it was something you or someone you love made. Talk about it and mention why it was so memorable.

11. Write about a new recipe you learned.

Did you try a brand new recipe? How did it turn out? Do you think you will make it again?

10. Did you travel this year? Write about your favorite location.

Think about the place you loved going to the most. What was special about it?

9. Imagine that you are going to write a book. What would it be about?

Maybe you’ve had something in mind for a while. If you could write about anything you want, what would it be?

8. What types of things did you do creatively this past year? What was your favorite experience?

Creative experiences can enhance your life. What have you been doing creatively that has made this past year better?

7. Did you decide to turn a hobby into a side hustle this year? If so, write about it in detail.

It seems like people of all ages are doing this. Perhaps you’ve decided to get in on the action.

6. Think about the things you dream of doing one day. How are you closer to those goals now than when the year started?

The things that are truly worth doing don’t happen overnight. They start with small steps. Which steps have you been taking?

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5. Write about the personal qualities that have allowed you to grow throughout the year.

Don’t be afraid to include the things you are proud of. By the same token, don’t let fear stop you from exploring the traits you’d also like to change.

4. Think about something that you found difficult to get through. Write about the positive aspects of surviving those days and how you’ve changed for the better since then.

Adversity often makes you stronger. Have you experienced something similar this year?

3. Think about something you did this past year that made you feel really scared. How good did it feel when you had conquered your fears?

Being scared isn’t so much fun, but getting past your fears is a great feeling. How did you feel after crushing your own fears and getting on the other side of them?

2. Did you get a new pet this year? If so, tell their story through their eyes.

Do your best to tell the story from their point of view. Make it sound as though your pet is the one writing.

1. How do you think you inspired someone this past year?

You might have inspired another person to be the best version of themselves this year. If so, how did you do it?

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