50 Awesome Women’s History Month Writing Prompts

Depending on who you talk to, there are various reasons why there are distinct differences in the way men and women are treated. Some people are very proud of the feminist movement and wouldn’t have it any other way.

Others feel like it’s far more important to have genuine equality for every person, regardless of gender identity. No matter how you feel personally, there is something on this list you can write about for Women’s History Month. In fact, there are no less than 50 prompts listed below. Browse through them, see which ones speak to you, and start writing.

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50. Write about the woman who inspires you the most.

Who do you most admire? Choose the woman who has had the biggest impact on your life and write about why she means so much to you.

49. Pick a woman who works in the science field and tell her story.

This is a field traditionally dominated by men. Tell the story of a woman who has broken through the boundaries in order to excel in this line of work.

48. How are men and women fundamentally different? The same?

Some people see only differences, but the truth is we’re all much more similar than we usually think.

47. Write about the types of hurdles women must overcome today.

Things have changed a lot since the days of women not being able to vote, but there is still a long way to go. Choose some of the challenges women must overcome today and write down your thoughts.

46. How do you think things will be for women in 25 years?

Do you think things will be easier or will there be new challenges to overcome? Imagine it’s 25 years in the future and write about it.

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45. Write about the notable women in history who have paved the way for today’s women.

There are endless examples. Choose one or two that really stand out to you and write about their battle for equal and fair treatment.

44. Dispel at least three stereotypes about women that you have experienced personally.

Have you been the victim of stereotypes? If so, write about the things people have incorrectly assumes about you. How did all of this make you feel? What did you do about it?

43. Write about a woman you know who works in a field traditionally dominated by men.

How has she handled the challenges associated with working in such a job? Has it made her stronger as she has excelled in her current position?

42. What do you think life would have been like for you if you lived 100 years ago?

Would you have enjoyed life as a woman living so long ago? On the other hand, maybe the constraints would have driven you mad. Write about your feelings.

41. Explore the reasons people respond well to strong men, but not to strong women.

Strong men are often admired, but women are frequently admonished for being a strong personality. Why do you think things are this way?


40. Do you think women are treated fairly in the workplace today? Why or why not?

Overall, do you think that women are typically treated fairly in a professional setting or is there still much work to be done? Why do you feel this way and what types of things do you think could be accomplished to make things better?

39. Do you subscribe to the idea that women must always worry about their appearance?

Women are often taught that they need to wear make-up everyday, watch their figure, and dress up. Do you think this is fair? Write about whether or not you agree with these statements and state why you feel the way you feel.

38. How do you think the idea of the “housewife” has changed over the years?

A few decades ago, most women stayed at home, cleaned the house and took care of the children. These days, roles are often changing. That being said, this is a term that is still thrown around quite a lot. What does it mean to you?

37. Are women truly inferior to men when it comes to physical strength?

Many people believe that men are simply stronger than women when it comes to physical strength. Do you agree with the statement? Why or why not? Be sure to back up your answers with some type of example.

36. Why do you think certain jobs are labeled as “men’s jobs” or “women’s jobs”?

Even today, certain jobs are labeled as being more suitable for men or women, depending on the task at hand. Why do you think people still associate certain tasks with one gender or the other? More importantly, why do these types of things still matter to people?


35. Why are women still earning less money than men?

Women still don’t make as much money as men on average. Why is there still a disparity between the types of wages that men can make when compared to a woman doing the same job? Do you think this is something that will ever be resolved and if so, what steps need to happen in order for things to improve?

34. Write about why some men seem to have a hard time taking women seriously.

Some men have a tendency to refer to women as hysterical or overly dramatic. Why do you think this is the case? Write about your feelings on the matter.

33. Why are household chores traditionally considered “women’s work”?

Maybe you’re completely frustrated by the idea that household chores are still frequently referred to as the woman’s responsibility. Ask yourself why this is the case and disseminate your thoughts on paper.

32. Why do you think women are still judged unless they project themselves a certain way?

Women are often expected to project themselves in a very particular manner or they may be judged harshly. If they’re too soft, they’re judged as the weaker sex. On the other hand, a woman that comes on strong is often written off as being too difficult to be around. In some cases, women who have strong personalities are accused of being overly masculine. Why do you think there is so much judgment involving women’s personalities?

31. Discuss how gender roles are changing.

In many places around the world, gender roles are truly changing. While it’s not the case everywhere, many locations are less judgmental when it comes to the roles between men and women. Do you think that this trend will continue?

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30. Did you ever decide to break through the gender barrier when you were younger?

Did you have a time when you were younger and you got tired of being told what you should be doing based on your gender? Was there a time when you decided to simply throw caution to the wind and do what your heart wanted regardless of what other people had to say? If so, write about those experiences. Who knows, you might end up inspiring someone else to follow their own heart.

29. Why is it so important that each woman decide for herself what her life will be like?

Write about the importance of allowing someone to make their own decisions. Is it really fair for someone else to make decisions for another person?

28. Think about a woman in history that made major changes and write about her.

Write about someone that has advanced women’s rights and why you admire her.

27. Why is there still this disparity between men and women in so many circles?

Maybe you’ve wondered why people can’t just allow individuals to be themselves. Why do you think men and women are still treated so differently?

26. Think about why women are discouraged from displaying masculine traits and write about it.

Is it really true that women always have to be into makeup, hair and nail polish? What about the women who don’t mind getting a little dirt on them? Why do people tend to discourage them in the first place?

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25. Why do you think it took so long for women to be granted the right to vote?

Write about why women wren’t always allowed to vote and dive into the history of it all.

24. Why do you think there are still places in the world where women aren’t allowed to attend school?

Women are still persecuted in many places for trying to get an education. Why?

23. Why do you think some countries have more gender equality than others?

What makes it easier for one country or region to accept gender equality than others? Which prejudices are typically involved?

22. How has the family dynamic changed over the years with regard to women’s roles?

Are women still expected to be responsible for the home or are the duties shared equally? How do you think things should be?

21. What are the qualities you respect in a strong woman?

Is there something you strongly admire that you want to see in yourself? Write about those traits and why they appeal to you?

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20. Why are women still expected to get married, have children and stay at home?

Men are rarely asked whether or not they are married. Why are so many women still asked this question?

19. Do you think a female president will ever be elected?

Some people believe this will occur in the next decade. Others scoff at the idea. How do you feel about the subject?

18. Which female athlete do you most admire and why?

Which qualities does she display that make you admire her? What makes her stand out to you?

17. Is there a woman in your own family that you would like to emulate?

Perhaps there is a woman in your immediate family that you want to be like. Maybe it’s someone involved in your family history. Who is it and why do you want to reflect some of their qualities in your own life?

16. Do you think it’s a good idea to be a feminist?

Why do you feel the way you feel? Are your feelings your own or have they been influenced by someone else?

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15. Can men be feminists too?

Women are often thought of as feminists, but what about men? Are they feminists if they side with the cause?

14. Why do you think so much emphasis is placed on women’s bodies?

Women’s bodies are still scrutinized. Why do you think this is the case?

13. Why are women still objectified in so many ads for certain products?

Do the women who participate in these ads perpetuate the objectification of women or are people simply taking things too seriously?

12. Why do you think women who work in certain fields are criticized?

Has anyone ever asked you why you work in a male-dominated field and then told you that’s not your place? If this has happened to you, how did you handle the situation.

11. Write about a time when you were discriminated against because of your gender?

If you have a personal account of such discrimination, write about what happened. How did it make you feel?

10. Do you think men and women should be allowed to compete in sports against one another?

Is it really fair to segregate competition between men and women or should everyone be allowed to compete together?

9. Write about the perceived differences between men and women in culture.

How are women perceived in your culture? Are those ideas changing as time goes on?

8. Do you think men, women and non-binary individuals are really all that different?

Perhaps it’s more important to see the similarities instead of the differences. What are your thoughts?

7. Do you have a friend who identifies as a woman? How can you be a supportive friend?

Are there specific examples you can recall when your support was critical for this person?

6. Do you have a friend who was assigned male at birth but has transitioned? Write about the traits you admire in that person.

What types of hurdles have they overcome? What is their perspective on things in society?

5. Why do you think some traits are traditionally considered masculine or feminine?

Perhaps it’s more important to think of individual traits as just that- something individual that shouldn’t be grouped into gender identity.

4. Think of a woman who has overcome great physical challenges and write about it.

Maybe you know someone who has overcome more than most in order to live a full life. What have they been through and how have they handled things through the years?

3. Who is the matriarch in your family? Write about the qualities you admire in her.

What are the things that make her special? Is there anything about her you would like to incorporate into your own life?

2. Do you think it’s easy to be a woman today? Why or why not?

Do women have it easier than men or are things more difficult for them? Why do you think this is the case?

1. Do you think there should be less focus on feminism and more focus on equality for everyone?

Why do think it’s so hard for people to see others as individuals without attaching labels unnecessarily?

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