50 Awesome Writing Prompts for Couples

It is no secret that good communication can do a great deal to strengthen a relationship. It is why VeryWellMind and other resources spend so much time discussing how interested individuals can improve their communication skills. Of course, communication is far from being limited to verbal communication.

As a result, people might find it helpful to write to their significant others, which can make it easier for them to express thoughts they struggle to voice out loud. On top of this, the University of Texas says there is some evidence that people can improve their romantic relationship by writing about them. Something that serves as one more reason to engage in the practice.

Here are 50 awesome writing prompts for couples:

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1. What Does Love Mean to You?

Love is one of those things that sound simple until one thinks about it. The ancient Greeks had eight words for love, which capture a small portion of the concept’s complexity. It is good to spend some time thinking about what love means.

2. How Do I Show Love?

Feeling something for another person won’t mean much unless they know it. As such, it is also good to spend some time thinking about how to show love. This is one of the cases in which couples might want to improve their understanding of one another by sharing their writings.

3. How Do I Know I Am Loved?

Couples don’t always interpret the same action in the same ways, even when they are close. They can improve their understanding of one another by sharing their writings based on this writing prompt.

4. What Does Romance Mean to You?

Much the same can be said about romance.

5. What Does Intimacy Mean to You?

Similarly, much the same can be said about intimacy.

6. What Does a Good Relationship Look Like?

We often don’t put much thought into everyday topics. Sometimes, this is a non-issue because they aren’t that important anyway. Other times, well, suffice it to say that people should be putting serious thought into what they want out of their relationships. Simply put, they can’t work towards their goal unless they know what it is supposed to be.

7. What Does a Bad Relationship Look Like?

Of course, any attempt at figuring out what they want from a relationship means interested individuals also need to figure out what they don’t want from a relationship.

8. Is Your Relationship Going Well?

A bit of self-assessment from time to time is needed to keep a relationship on a healthy course. 

9. How Can You Improve Your Relationship in the Short Term?

Naturally, a person’s self-assessment should see them thinking about how they can make a relationship better.

10. How Can You Improve Your Relationship in the Long Term?

Not every idea for improving a relationship can be implemented in the short run. As a result, it can be useful to have a separate piece for long-term ideas.

11. What Is Something You Are Happy About in Your Relationship?

Most people can benefit from thinking about what makes them happy in their relationships. Furthermore, they can benefit by communicating that to their partners.

12. What Is Something You Are Unhappy About in Your Relationship?

Likewise, most people can benefit from thinking about what makes them unhappy in their relationships. They can benefit by communicating that to their partners, but they will need to do so in a tactful manner.

13. How Does Someone Show Their Honesty?

Relationships don’t last very long when people don’t trust each other. It wouldn’t hurt to spend some time reflecting on how to show honesty.

14. How Does Someone Show Their Loyalty?

On a related note, interested individuals might also want to do some reflecting on how to show loyalty. If nothing else, it is useful for establishing where their boundaries fall, which can prevent a surprising amount of pointless drama.

15. How Does Someone Show Their Respect?

Mutual respect does a great deal to shore up relationships. As a result, interested individuals should put some thought into how they can go about doing this.

16. What Does Family Mean to You?

Any long-term relationship will touch upon family matters, meaning it is best to think about them earlier rather than later.

17. What Relationships Matter the Most to You?

Sometimes, it can be useful to examine a complicated situation from a different angle. To name an example, people might be able to learn more about their opinions on romantic relationships by thinking about what romantic and non-romantic relationships matter the most to them.

18. Do You Find It Easy to Ask For Help When You Need It?

Theoretically, partners are supposed to stand together. In practice, that doesn’t always happen, particularly since some people find it hard to ask for help when they need it. Thinking about this is the first step towards addressing this. 

19. Do You Believe in the Idea of Soulmates?

People can benefit by learning how their partners feel about various love-related topics. That is true even for seemingly unimportant topics such as the notion of soulmates.

20. How Fast Can People Fall in Love?

Similarly, people can get insight into how they feel about love by asking questions such as how fast they think someone can fall in love. There isn’t a correct answer, but how people answer can reveal much about how they feel about love.

21. If You Could Go Anywhere With Your Partner, Where Would You Go?

A lot of people enjoy traveling. As a result, they should think about their dream vacation destination with their significant others.

22. What Is Your Favorite Place You Have Visited With Your Partner?

Looking back at their favorite trips with their significant others is a good way for people to figure out what they enjoyed about those experiences.

23. Do You Dream of Experiencing Something With Your Partner?

It isn’t uncommon for people to care more about experiences than about destinations, thus making this question worth thinking about.

24. Does Your Partner Share Your Dream?

As always, it is good for partners to think about whether their significant others share their thoughts on such important matters.

25. What Is Something You Want to Do With Your Partner This Month?

Plans don’t necessarily need to be long-term. Interested individuals can benefit from thinking of something to do with their partners in the short run.

26. What Is Your Favorite Memory of Your Relationship?

Examining favorite memories is a good way for people to figure out what they like about their relationships, thus making it easier for them to keep everything on the right course.

27. Is There Anything You Would Change About Your Relationship in the Past?

We can’t change the past, but we should still study the past so we can avoid repeating our mistakes.

28. What Do You Have in Mind For Your Relationship in the Short Term?

Figuring out where they want their relationships to go helps people make sense of the same.

29. What Do You Have in Mind For Your Relationship in the Long Term?

With that said, people should think about not just the short term but also the long term when it comes to their desired direction for their relationships.

30. Name Something You Want to Fix About Yourself For the Sake of Your Relationship

We can’t improve ourselves unless we are aware of our faults. That is as true for our relationships as anything else about us.

31. Name Something You Have Learned From Your Relationship

Talking about things they have learned from their relationships can help people communicate how much they care about their relationships with their significant others.

32. How Have You Used What You Have Learned From Your Relationship?

On a related note, talking about how they have used what they have learned can make that sentiment feel more real to their significant others.

33. Who Are the Most Important People in Your Partner’s Life?

Relationships won’t get very far unless both sides understand each other. Questions such as the most important people in their partners’ lives can help people figure out how well they know their partners.

34. If You Had the Power, What Problem Would You Solve For Your Partner?

Meanwhile, this writing prompt is meant to help people figure out how well they know their partners’ concerns and priorities.

35. What Is Something You Can Do to Make Your Partner Happier?

Happy relationships make for the strongest relationships. Knowing what makes their significant others happy can help people make serious gains in this matter.

36. What Do You Enjoy Doing With Your Partner?

Shared hobbies and interests can help people stick together. That makes this something that should be answered as soon as possible.

37. What Do You Enjoy Watching With Your Partner?

A person’s media consumption says much about them. Knowing what their partners do and don’t enjoy watching can help couples bond, have fun, and otherwise improve their relationship.

38. What Is a Song that Reminds You of Your Partner?

Naming songs that remind people of their partners is a surprisingly good way for them to figure out their exact feelings for their partners.

39. Name Something Your Partner Likes to Eat

Food brings people together. Knowing what one’s significant other likes to eat can make the process that much smoother.

40. Name a Moment During Which Your Partner Made You Proud

Remembering to show appreciation from time to time can strengthen a relationship by reminding one’s significant other that they are valued. Mentioning moments in which they inspired feelings of pride is one way to do so.

41. What Is Your Dream Date?

Perhaps unsurprisingly, learning about dream dates makes it easier to plan outings.

42. What Is a Dealbreaker For You?

Anyone who wants a healthy relationship needs to think about what they are and aren’t willing to put up with.

43. What Do You Think Is a Dealbreaker For Your Partner?

Simultaneously, people need to put some thought into what they think their partner will and will not put up with.

44. Are There Unresolved Conflicts in Your Relationship?

It is common for couples to have conflicts. Still, it is best to solve unresolved conflicts when possible, lest they fester into something worse.

45. Do You and Your Partner Agree On What These Unresolved Conflicts Are?

Couples don’t necessarily agree on what the unresolved conflicts in their relationships are. Writing about the issue can help them figure out whether this applies to them or not. If it does, they have one more issue they need to resolve.

46. What Are Your Core Values?

The determination of core values helps people know who they are. That makes it easier for them to figure out what they want from their relationships, thus empowering them to make course changes as needed.

47. Is There Anything You Are Worried About When It Comes to the Future of Your Relationship?

Being too caught up in worries is a bad thing. However, couples should spare some thought for the future of their relationships so that they can try to get ahead of any potential issues.

48. How Is Your Relationship With Your In-Laws?

As mentioned earlier, family is going to come up at some point for any long-running relationship. That means interested individuals might want to start thinking about their relationships with their in-laws sooner rather than later.

49. Do You Have Any Secrets You Haven’t Shared With Your Partner?

Some secrets are harmless. Others can cause enormous damage to relationships, meaning people should speak up about them before they come out on their own. Writing isn’t necessarily the best way to express these things, but it can still help interested individuals put their thoughts in good order.

50. What Do You Value the Most About Your Partner?

Thinking about what is best about one’s significant other is a good way to keep one motivated to keep the relationship healthy.

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