50 Awesome Memoir Writing Prompts


Who doesn’t like the prospect of creating a memoir based on experiences they’ve had throughout their life? Whether you plan on allowing anyone else to read these thoughts or you only want to record them for yourself, it’s important not to let certain moments or events in your life pass you by without recording them for posterity.

Below are 50 memoir writing prompts that can give you some guidance whenever you start to feel a bit lost.

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50. Write a story about a favorite family heirloom

Maybe your family has an heirloom that’s been passed down from one generation to the next. If that’s the case, write a story about its significance and how it has played a central role in your family throughout the years.

49. Think back to your high school days and write about what life was like back then

Did you have a favorite class or favorite teacher? Maybe there was a particular year in high school that was especially memorable for one reason or another. Whatever your high school experience was like, write it down. Try to be as accurate as possible. You might be surprised how much events that happened in high school shaped who you are today.

48. What do you consider important to you? Your cause in life

What are the things that are most important to you? Is there something that you have decided to champion throughout your life, supporting a particular cause? If so, write about that cause and why it matters so much to you.

47. Is there something you feel strongly about that tends to annoy others?

Everyone has something that they feel quite strongly about that a lot of other people don’t agree with. What is that one thing that you have especially strong feelings about that tends to get on others’ nerves? Is it something you’ve chosen to share with people or do you try to keep it to yourself?

46. What do you wish people understood better about you?

There are times when we all feel misunderstood. Is there something that you’ve always felt misunderstood about that you wish you could convey more accurately to others? How has this feeling impacted your life over the years?

45. Write about times when you have been at your lowest or highest.

We all have times in our lives when we feel like things could scarcely get any better than they already are. By the same token, we also have those moments where we feel like things are at their absolute worst. Write about those times in your life and how they have helped create the person that you are today.

44. Pick a significant event in your life and write about it.

Think of a single event that really impacted you and create a story about it.

43. Pick something you have a special talent for and write about it.

What is your special talent? Are you really good at art or music, or is your talent something even more unique? Don’t be afraid to let yourself shine. Let everyone know what your special talent is and why it matters to you.

42. Think about a time in your life when you were scared and write about what happened.

We all get scared sometimes. Think about a time in your life when you were genuinely frightened and write a story about it. Is there something that you learned from that event that you still carry with you today?

41. Think about something you really wanted but didn’t achieve.

Even the most determined people with the highest skill levels sometimes lose out on things that they really wanted to do. Most of the time, success is directly related to the amount of effort you’re willing to expend. Every once in awhile, things just don’t go your way. Think about one of those times and write about how it affected you when that happened.

40. Write about the people, places and experiences that have shaped you as a person.

Write about the special things you’ve done and the places you’ve been. How have these experiences shaped you?

39. Think about a time when you genuinely helped someone. What happened?

There are few things more rewarding than helping someone else. Think of a time when you were able to lend a helping hand and write about what happened.

38. Write about a time when you were most embarrassed about something.

Everybody gets embarrassed. Sometimes you’re so embarrassed, you think you’ll never get over it. Has this happened to you? What were the circumstances surrounding it?

37. Write something about the power music has in your life.

Music is one of the most powerful things in life. How does it affect you? Do you use it to motivate you and if so, how does it make you feel?

36. What inspires you the most?

Is there an activity or ideal that really inspires you to get going? What do you use for inspiration when you need it most?

35. Who do you look up to the most and why?

Write about that one person you most admire. What makes them special and how have they made your life better for having known them?

34. Write about your career path and why you chose it.

Are you living out your dreams through your career? What made you choose this path? Are you happy with it?

33. Think about things you did when you were younger. How do you view that version of yourself?

Write about the ways that you have grown and learned as you got older. Are there lessons you wish you would have learned faster?

32. How have you grown as a person?

How are you different now as compared to the way you were five or 10 years ago? What changes are you proud of and what would like to improve upon?

31. Which experiences have shaped your life the most?

If you had to pick just three experiences in your life that have helped shape you as a person, what would they be?

30. Write about a road trip that you’ll always remember.

Maybe you’ve gone on a road trip that was more memorable than all the rest. What made it special?

29. Write about your family and how they have inspired you.

How has your family helped you be the best version of yourself? Who are the people in your family that are always there for you, no matter what?

28. What would you consider your greatest challenge so far?

Everyone has peaks and valleys in their lives. What is the one challenge that you overcame that really had an impact on you? Maybe it was something that you thought you couldn’t handle, but then you did exactly that. How has that changed your outlook on life so far?

27. Write about a dark time in your life and how you got through it.

Unfortunately, everyone has those dark times when something truly tragic happens. If you’re up to the task, write about such a time in your own life. You might actually find it therapeutic to do so. Better yet, your story may inspire someone else.

26. Think about something you strongly believe in and write about it.

Is there something you have very strong beliefs about? If so, they have likely helped make you who you are. Write about how these beliefs have helped shape your life.

25. Discuss something where you possess a natural ability where others might struggle.

Every person has a natural ability for something where others might find it more difficult. What is one area of your life where you excel with minimal effort, even while those around you are having a more difficult time?

24. Write about something you have struggled with. How have you dealt with it?

By the same token, every person has something they struggle with. What is something you have had a hard time with, even though others may not consider it difficult?

23. Write about a time when you allowed fear to hold you back. How do that feel?

Fear can motivate you or paralyze you. Allowing it to do the latter only prevents you from achieving your goals. Honestly write about a time when you did exactly that. Have you learned from that experience so that you can now use fear to your advantage?

22. Write about how being loved by someone has changed your life.

When they say that love can move mountains, they’re not wrong. How has loving someone changed your life?

21. How has being denied love affected you?

Have you ever loved someone who didn’t love you back? What did that experience do to you?

20. What makes you the most emotional when you think of it?

Is there something that makes you extremely emotional when you think about it? Why does it get to you so much and how do yo handle it?

19. Do you have a talent that most people don’t have?

Are you a talented actor? Maybe you can do more push-ups than anyone on your block. Whatever your talent is, write about it so the whole world knows.

18. Which person has been the most important is your life? Why?

If you’re lucky, you have someone in your life that is your rock. Who has always been there for you when you need them most?

17. Do you focus more on your career or your personal relationships?

Some people are more career-oriented and others tend to prefer spending time with family and friends. What creates balance in your life? Write about the things that are important to you.

16. How have you achieved balance in your life?

Speaking of balance, it isn’t always so easy to achieve. If you’ve managed to find it, don’t be afraid to give others tips so they can find it, too.

15. What is one thing you wish you had done differently in your life?

Is there something you wish you could go back and change? Maybe there is that one thing that still gets to you. If so, write about how that version of you might be different from the person you are today.

14. Write about the pet that is/was most important to you.

Create a memoir based on a pet that was special to you. It doesn’t matter if it’s a current pet or one that has passed on, you can still gain a great deal of inspiration from them.

13. Write about a particular activity you consider part of your soul.

Which activity speaks to your very soul? Is it running, cycling, or just being in nature? Maybe it’s something that sparks your creativity. Whatever it is, write about it to inspire others.

12. What types of things bring you peace when life gets chaotic?

Maybe you love to read ro listen to music when you need to calm yourself. Whatever you do to find peace, you can write about how it calms you.

11. Have you ever struggled with an addiction?

People often think of addiction only in terms of alcohol or drugs. The truth is, people can be addicted to anything. Maybe you’re addicted to exercising or you work too much. Share your story so you can help someone else.

10. Write about something you have had to overcome in your life.

You can potentially help someone else overcome hurdles in their life by sharing how you have done the same thing.

9. What was your happiest memory from your childhood?

Is there one specific things from your childhood that still makes you smile? If so, write about that memory and why it’s still so important to you.

8. What has been the best day of your life so far?

If you had to choose one day that was the best ever, what made it so special? Write about that day and why it matters to you.

7. Think about the worst day you’ve ever had. How did you get through it?

You can also write about the worst day you’ve ever had and how you found a way to get through it all. Who knows, you might actually be helping someone else in the process.

6. Write about the thing that scares you the most.

Is there something that scares you so much you feel chills when you think about it. What is it and why does it make you feel that way?

5. Think about something that required courage on your part and write about it.

It’s not always easy to find the courage to go against the grain. Think of a time when you have done that and tell your story.

4. What is your biggest dream that is yet to be realized?

Write about that one thing that you really want to do, yet you’re not quite there. What is it and how do you plan to get there?

3. Write about the most challenging thing you’ve ever overcome.

Who doesn’t love a good inspirational story? Think of the biggest challenge you’ve ever overcome and write about it.

2. How did your parents impact your life?

What was your relationship with your parents like? How has that relationship shaped your life today?

1. Who do you look to when you feel like throwing in the towel?

When you’re at your worst, who do you call? If you have someone in your life that helps you stay the course, write about the things that make this person special.

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