50 Christmas Writing Prompts that Aren’t Boring


Writing a Christmas story can be difficult for some. One challenge the writers may have is writing a Christmas story without relying on clichés. Meanwhile, others may not have a clue on what to write about. Worry not, as we have some Christmas writing prompts to help you craft your story. Through these writing prompts, you will realize that you can come up with ten different storylines from one writing prompt. Without further ado, here are 50 Christmas writing prompts to consider.

Prompts for Christmas

50. A woman gets set up for a Christmas blind date. When he meets the man, he does not make a good first impression. First, he is dressed poorly. According to Well and Good, some men dress poorly because they are clueless. Additionally, he talks too much. Does the woman grow to like him or not?

49. A man finds his parents annoying during Christmas, so he storms out. He goes out on a long walk and stops by a chapel. Once inside, he finds a beautiful woman. They begin talking. Soon, the man opens up to this woman about how annoying his parents can be. The woman tries to dissuade him from his thinking.

48. Imagine that you are sound asleep. Suddenly, you hear some movements in the living room. You go to the living room and find Santa in your house. Santa tells you he is on a mission and needs your help.

47. Jeff has been dating Ivy for a while. On one of their dates, they decide to kiss under the mistletoe. When they do, things go wrong. Ivy begins to grow fangs after Jeff kisses her.

46. Write a story about a person who has to spend their first Christmas without a spouse because they died. There are many issues such a person may face. According to Health Direct, the person can experience isolation, increased family conflict, and financial challenges.

45. A man and his wife wake up one Christmas morning and realize the house is unusually quiet. They visit their children’s bedroom and find them not there. Where could they be?

44. Kevin wants to buy Christmas gifts for his parents and sister. He shakes his piggy bank and realizes he only has $5 left. The money is not enough to buy gifts for all of them. What will he do next?

43. You receive a snow globe as a Christmas gift. However, you are disappointed with the gift since it is not what you wanted. Soon, you realize that whenever you shake it, an elf appears. The elf claims he will grant you three Christmas wishes. What do you wish for?

42. Christmas day in 2010 was special to Kate because she kissed Tyson under the mistletoe. A new neighbor moves in next to her on Christmas Eve. The neighbor turns out to be Tyson.

41. Kim’s mother invites a street urchin to her house for a Christmas lunch. However, the rest of the family members do not seem pleased with the arrangement, which is understandable. According to Padlifter, hosts will think of issues pertaining to safety, theft and so on. Does the urchin turn out to be a good or bad person, you decide?

40. A father is tired of spending every Christmas season in his home. He decides to travel with his family outside his country to celebrate Christmas. In the country they visit, they encounter strange Christmas rituals and food. Will the family consider this day one of their best or worst Christmas holidays?

39. Charlotte finds it exhausting to spend every Christmas season outside. This time, she celebrates the holiday at her home. Soon, she realizes she needs some food and decides to step out of the house. To her bemusement, someone has locked her in her house. Who could have done that to her?

38. Santa is planning to make a toy that will change the life of the child who receives it. However, he does not reveal what kind of toy it is. Children worldwide begin writing letters to him about why they deserve the toy. Others decide to behave well to get rewarded. Decide who gets the toy.

37. It is Boxing Day, which means you must unwrap your Christmas present. When you unwrap it, you scream and throw your gift in shock. The gift turns out to be a bloody goat’s head.

36. Susan hates caroling. Soon, her friends form a caroling group and urge her to join. She devises every excuse in the book to avoid joining the group.

35. On Christmas day, Larry’s cat, Fluffy, was run over by a car. Since then, he has hated Christmas because all he can think of is the tragic ending of his cat. One Christmas season, he stays at home. Later, his neighbor’s cat comes meowing at his doorstep.

34. In a certain country, a tyrant declares Christmas illegal. This move does not go well since the entire country protests this decision. The tyrant responds by jailing or arresting the protestors. In the next Christmas season, Santa reveals himself to the tyrant.

33. You have a time machine. Therefore, you decide to go back in time to celebrate Christmas. After choosing the year you want to travel to, something goes wrong. Rather than take you to your preferred time, it takes you to a time during the Great Depression.

32. A woman gets dumped by her boyfriend on Christmas Eve. She is understandably distraught. To ease her pain, she spends the season in another country.

31. Santa experiences an accident in a forest. His sleigh and reindeer are stuck. To make matters worse, some of his gifts are damaged.

30. A woman is busy cleaning the house. Abruptly, she hears a noise in her chimney. When she rushes to the chimney, she discovers that Santa is stuck.

29. Write about a burglar who breaks into people’s homes to steal Christmas presents.

28. Mary builds a snowman. Later, the snowman is brought back to life. As she talks with it, she soon begins to fall in love with it.

27. All the elves in Santa’s workshop are hard at work, except one. What could be wrong with it?

26. A man introduces the idea of Secret Santa to his family. However, a boy is disappointed when he becomes Secret Santa to his brother, whom he detests dearly.

Still More Prompts

25. Santa punishes you by giving you some options. You must either be his elf or become a snowman.

24. John’s wife sends him to get a Christmas tree. However, he hates this task and tries to talk his way out of it.

23. All your friends have Christmas plans. You are alone and wondering how to spend the day.

22. Sam discovers that he is on Santa’s naughty list. He tries to burn the list, much to Santa’s infuriation. How does Santa teach him a lesson?

21. You are about to take a flight to celebrate Christmas with your family. Unfortunately, your flight is canceled. You have to tell your family about this unfortunate event.

20. Your family has an annoying Christmas tradition. You decide to tell your family to abandon it. This does not go well, and it causes conflict between you and your family.

19. You spend a romantic Christmas evening with your wife in a secluded log cabin. It turns out there is a serial killer out to kill you both.

18. Janet visits a mall and finds it full. Just outside the mall, she spots something unusual. She sees a store Santa bundling a woman into the back of a car. Immediately, she informs the mall security, but they do not believe her. They only believe her once they find the woman dead.

17. A man is asked to work during the Christmas season. The management claims they will pay him a hefty salary for his trouble. As exciting as it is, the man remembers his promise to his family to spend Christmas with them.

16. Nancy keeps receiving endless phone calls from her boyfriend. She is angry at him over something he did. After ignoring his calls, Nancy hears a knock at the door. She opens it, and it is his boyfriend. Also, he has a Christmas gift that she likes.

15. Santa tells you how stressful his job is. You do not believe him since you think his job is exciting. He lets you do his job, and you soon realize he wasn’t bluffing. However, your ego will not let you admit that you were wrong.

14. You step out of your house to shop for Christmas presents. However, you hear some muffled noises beneath you. You quickly take a shovel to dig up the snow. The noises become louder, and you cannot believe your eyes. You dig up a baby who had been buried alive.

13. Irene receives a gift in her mailbox. The problem is that the gift is from an unfamiliar name. She opens the gift anyway, and it turns out to be her favorite perfume. However, she still spends the rest of her day investigating the person who gifted her.

12. Your mother makes you spend Christmas in a hospital. Obviously, you find her suggestion asinine. After all, isn’t it the day to be merry? When you visit the hospital, you are not happy at first. Soon, you gain some perspective from this visit.

11. Sally’s grandmother prepares some food for Christmas. After preparing the dishes, Sally prays for them. Suddenly, they come back to life and threaten you.

10. You are put in charge of preparing Christmas dinner. The problem is that you do not even know what to cook for dinner. If you cannot think of something, your guests will have the worst visit ever.

9. A man hikes in the woods. The man soon encounters one of Santa’s reindeer. He decides to ignore it and continues with his hike. However, the reindeer follows him, and he throws rocks at it. The reindeer gets furious and chases after him.

8. Josh and Travis are brothers who are fed up with Santa’s gifts. They hatch up a plan to capture him when he visits. Decide whether or not their plan works.

7. Anna’s son wants to sit on Santa’s lap. She decides to take him to the mall. At the mall, she is displeased with the mall Santa’s behavior. He is abrasive and insults everyone in the mall. Anna’s son weeps and develops a phobia of mall Santa workers thanks to his behavior.

6. A boy hears some taps on his bedroom windows. He ignores the sounds and continues sleeping. However, the taps become incessant, and he draws his curtains to find out what the noise is. To his amazement, he finds a reindeer knocking its head repetitively on the windows.

5. George’s wife is in labor as they are celebrating Christmas. He rushes her to a hospital. To his shock, there is no one to attend to them. A receptionist informs them that the doctors went out to celebrate Christmas.

4. You are driving home one night when you suddenly see bright lights from afar. After approaching the lights, you realize they are Christmas trees. However, the trees have been placed in the middle of the road.

3. Angela hears a knock at the door. To her shock, they are aliens. The aliens claim they want to celebrate Christmas with her.

2. Santa makes a televised announcement about a certain competition for a certain region. If the participants win, they will have a chance to visit his workshop.

1. Santa leaves you in charge of his reindeer because he has to use the bathroom. However, you get an idea to ride them. Once you do, you realize you do not know how to stop them.


Which Christmas writing prompt was your favorite? If you found the one you liked, we hope you will be able to write an interesting story. Your story will likely be enjoyable if you do not include clichés. If you do not find these writing prompts interesting, remember you can write a story based on your experiences.

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