20 Easy Face Painting Ideas For Kids

Parenting is a lawless place. There are no rules aside from keep them alive, protect them, and keep them safe, fed, clothed, and sheltered, and be sure they are getting an education. Otherwise, it’s a feral sport of just…whatever goes. No two kids are the same. No two kids respond to the same things, and no two kids will want the same face paint when they are given the option. Unless, of course, all the kids want the exact same face paint. Honestly, it might go either way. On that note hiring a face painter for a child’s birthday party is always a winning idea. It’s inexpensive, they love it, and it takes a lot of time (which you want because keeping kids occupied and out of trouble is another feral experience).

Kids face painting

Face painting is not something just anyone can do with just any old paint, but someone with a little talent, a little knowledge, and the right supplies can do it. A professional is always the best option, but you can do it yourself if you take the time to understand what needs to be done and how to do it safely. Here are a few ideas for your kids the next time you have a face painter around – or in case you want to try your hand at it.

Kids face painting

1. Princesses

Many little girls want to be a princess, and having one painted on their face is a go-to choice when a face painter is present. There is no rule stating that it has to be one way or another, but there are several little things a face painter can to do make a princess face look adorable. A little bit of sparkle and glitter goes a long way, and a painted tiara on the forehead is another fan favorite.

Kids face painting

2. Clowns

Okay, not a fan of clowns, but a baby clown with a cute happy face might not freak me out so much. However, this is not about me and how I feel about clowns. This is about children and what makes them happy. If clowns make them happy, I don’t trust them one bit, but let them have a clown face. It’s easy, and you can make it as scary or sweet as you want.

Kids face painting

3. Animals

Pick one. Make one up. Mix them together. You do you, boo. There is no rule that says your child cannot decide an elephant face is the animal they choose despite the kids all picking kittens and puppies. Animals are sweet, and it is wise not to discount them all.

Kids face painting

4. Mermaids

This is a fun one because it’s detail-oriented, and the colors are traditionally pretty together. Pinks, purples, greens, and probably some silvers marry well together on the face. Kids will love the idea of being their favorite mermaid character when the face painter offers this option.

Kids face painting

5. Tigers

Tigers are cool, and no one can say they are not. While you might not want to get up close and personal with one in the wild, no child is going to be upset about being painted to look like a big, scary (but oh-so-adorable) tiger. Did we mention it’s also an easy one to paint?

Kids face painting

6. Superhero

The reason that a superhero makes a great face painting option is that there are at least eleventy billion of them to choose from. You can pick any superhero you want to pick and everyone is happy at the end of the day. There are no rules, and no one has to pick the same. In fact, you can absolutely let the kids all choose their favorites and make it the theme of your party or event.

Kids face painting

7. Dragon

Minus the fire breathing, what’s not to love about a dragon? They’re basically a cross between a darling little lizard, an extinct dinosaur, and the alligators that frequent our favorite Florida golf courses. Absolutely darling, no? Dragons are fun, easy, and make a statement on a child’s face, so let your little one choose the dragon of their dreams.

Kids face painting

8. Lions

Along with the tiger, the lion is one of the best, meanest, coolest animals in the jungle (they do live in the jungle, no? I should brush up on my geography and animal knowledge). Kids will love having their faces painted to look like a lion, but do watch out that they don’t attack. Kidding. Well, I mean, some kids, maybe. You know your child.

Kids face painting

9. Cats

If you have very little kids, you might find that being painted to look like a darling little kitten is the cutest and sweetest thing in the world. Kids love darling animals like this one, so let them go for it. Some sweet whiskers will melt your heart. What works about cats is that you can use different colors, whiskers, and expressions, so no two kids will be the same if they all choose to do this one.

Kids face painting

10. Monsters

Scary, but not really. We love monsters, especially when it’s close to Halloween. You can make them as cute, as cool, and as scary as you want, and no one will argue with you about it. Just keep in mind that your kids are not too little to be really scared of a face painted monster. Please allow us to recommend this idea for your next Halloween party or trick or treat gathering. Kids will love it.

Kids face painting

11. Ghosts

Another cool Halloween idea is to paint the kids like ghosts and let them run around. What could be more adorable than a little party full of ghosts that you can run around with? We love the idea, too, because this is a simple one. You don’t need a lot of face paint – just black and white – and you don’t need to be a professional to do this one yourself.

Kids face painting

12. Butterfly

These are so intricate, and they are my personal favorite. When it comes to my own children picking a face painting idea, I love when the girls choose a butterfly. The pros always make these so cute, so sweet, and so beautiful. It takes them no time, either, but they really do make it seem effortless and beautiful as the end result.

Kids face painting

13. Unicorn

Whoever said unicorns aren’t real probably also don’t believe in mermaids and dragons, and we don’t need that kind of negativity in our lives. Unicorns are so cute, and the way face painters turn these into a reality on the faces of our children really does make us feel so good.

Kids face painting

14. Dog

Who doesn’t love a sweet little puppy? No one, that’s who. So paint your child’s face like a darling little puppy and everyone will adore it. Additionally, this is a simple pattern, and it’s a quick paint for the artist. Dogs are cute to add to a child’s face, and everyone will enjoy this.

Kids face painting

15. Whimsical

A lot of light pastels, some flourishing sweeps the brush, and no particular goal in mind makes for a beautiful whimsical design. Some kids don’t want to go for a total design, so this one works when they just want something beautiful but without a real plan in mind.

Kids face painting

16. Ladybugs

Ladybugs are a symbol of good luck, and they are just so adorable. They don’t bother anyone. They are sweet, and they don’t bite. They also make some very cute face painting when it comes to little ones.

Kids face painting

17. Flowers

The beauty of face painting a flower onto a child’s face is that you can do the entire face or you can do the small bits and pieces of face. You can draw small flowers all over, or you can do one large flower on the faces of your children.

Kids face painting

18. Vampires

Scary, but also a lot of fun. Vampires are a great time when you paint them during the holidays, so we are huge fans of this. You can help your kids make their Halloween costume a lot more fun with this particular art.

Kids face painting

19. Skeleton

Can we just add one more Halloween look? Skeleton face paint can be as elaborate as you want it to be, or it can be as simple as you’d like. The idea of making your child scary and terrifying or cute and adorable is a reality when you’re painting a skeleton. There is no right or wrong way to make this one work.

Kids face painting

20. Abstract

If your children are anything like my own children, there might come a time when they don’t want to fix into a box with their face paint. My own children will approach a face painter and ask them to do something fun and not at all like anyone else’s. “Make me a pirate princess with stripes and polka dots and 79 colors,” is an actual request our middle daughter once made. So, why not go the abstract route and let this be what your kids do for their own face paint? There are no rules.

Tips for Face Painting and Children

There are no rules, but there are a few tips that might make face painting your kids’ faces a little less stressful. The most important rule is to remember the ages of the kids being painted so that you can make a wise decision. You don’t want scary faces running around if there are small kids involved, so try to keep things simple and cute if that’s the cast. Of course, you know your child. If they aren’t easily terrified, ignore this. On the other hand, be sure you or the person doing the face painting are not using oil-based paints. They’re easily smeared, which makes a mess and causes a great deal of disappointment.

Another tip is to choose something that works with your child’s personality. If you have a small child who can’t sit still for more than a few minutes, you don’t want to agree to a complex work of art. They won’t sit still long enough for an elaborate face painting project, so don’t let them choose something elaborate. Little kids are best with easy facial art that takes only a moment or two to complete. Additionally, know your child. Does your little one have texture issues? If so, they might not want to have something on their face, such as brushes or sponges. If they’re easily frightened, they might not want to see their face with paint on it. These are all helpful tools when choosing face paint for your child.

Do I Need a Face Painter?

There is no rule that says you must hire a face painter for your next party, but it is a lot of fun. Just remember to tip your artist at the end of their job, and do make sure that you have a nice, comfortable place for them to set up that is not directly in the sun. A face painter is a great addition to a party, especially if you are hosting a birthday party. Kids love face paint, so this is going to make them feel good.

You can find them online, through word of mouth, or by contacting party planning companies. They’re often people who do this on the side of their regular job for the additional income, but some are professionals who do this all the time for various events and parties. If you are hosting an event such as a festival or a large party for kids – a Halloween party, for instance – a face painter is going to be a great addition to the party. Kids love it. Parents love it, and you cannot go wrong with the concept.

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