50 Awesome Snow Day Writing Prompts

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Writing prompts are designed to warm up a writers imagination. Let’s face it, even seasoned writers can feel lost when staring at a blank piece of paper. Enter the writing prompt.

By doing a writing prompt exercise or two before a project, one can get the creative juices flowing. For example, you can start by using a writing prompt that explains your New Years resolution.

Here, you’d state your resolution then explain it. In this case, we are concentrating on snow day writing prompts.

Always keep in mind, the writing prompt just helps you get started, you don’t have to stick with it. In other words if you are writing about a snow day in January, that may trigger the memory of a fabulous vacation you spent at Disney World, so you just write on that.

In other words, writing prompts are just tools writers used to help them get started on a project. Writing prompts function as tools of motivation.

Here are 50 snow day writing prompts:

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1. Write a Story About Building a Snow Fort with Friends

Write a story about friends in a neighborhood building snow forts. What will you do once the snow forts are built? Will you have a snowball fight or a snow day party?

2. You are Experiencing Your Very First Snow Day. Tell Us How You Feel About it and Explain Your Answer

You wake up one day and your mom tells you that because of a blizzard, you get to stay home for a snow day. This is your first snow day ever. How did you feel when you found out you had a snow day? Were you happy? Were you sad? Explain your answer.

3. Write a Fantasy Story About Magical World

Snow days mean that the outside is full of heavy snow. Write a story about a little girl that decides to brave the outside to build a snow fort for herself. However, each batch of snow she removes leads her to her own fantasy world. Tell us about the fantasy world.

4. Hey Kids! Compose a Fun Adventure Where You Battle Mr. Freeze

Mr. Freeze is one of Batman’s most dangerous villain. Write a story where you are Batman or Batgirl, and you have to find Mr. Freezes hideout. It’s the dead of winter. Where is the hideout? How would you get there? Would you use the Bat cycle or Bat mobile?

5. Snowfalls Can be a Magical Experience. How Do You Feel When Beautiful, Delicate Flakes Fall Around You?

Explain how you feel when you are standing outside during a snowfall. How does it feel as the flakes fall around you?


6. What Type of Story Can You Write if Given an Adorable Puppy, Cup of Hot Chocolate and Fabulous Sled?

Write a story that includes a cute puppy, cup of hot chocolate and a beautiful sled. If you want, you can include yourself in this story as well!

7. What Would Happen if You Came Upon a Magical Winter Parade Given by Forest Animals? Write a Story About Such a Parade and Leave Nothing Out!

You wake up early one morning because you hear a strange noise. You creep out of bed towards the strange noise. To your surprise, you see a winter parade full of floats and marching bands. There’s only one thing: The parade is made up of forest animals! Describe the Winter Parade. Be creative and tell us what songs were played and how the animals were dressed.

8. Born in 1951, Suzy Snowflake Remains One of the Sweetest Metaphors for Winter

Watch the short video, “Suzy Snowflake.” Create a short story about Suzy Snowflake.

9. By Describing How You Would Build a Snow Fort or Snowman, You’re Showing Us Your Ability to Write a Procedural Essay

Write a descriptive essay on how you would build a snow fort or snowman. Be as clear as possible so anyone who reads your descriptive essay will be able to follow your instructions and build their own.

10. Describe a Joyous Winter Party in the Forest

Write a lovely story about forest animals and birds having a party in the forest during the winter.

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11. When Winter Fairies Gather to Prepare for a Wedding Tell Us What You Saw. Were You Invited?

There’s a lot of snow so your school called a snow day! When the snow stops, you dec,ide to take a walk outside and make a snowman. However, you come upon a very interesting sight instead. Write a nice story about you coming upon two winter fairies during a snow day, who are sculpting a snow castle. The snow castle is for a fairy wedding. In the story, describe what the castle looks like.

12. Being Invited to a Snowman’s Family for Dinner, Share Your Experience

During a snow day, a snowman invites you to visit his family. Write about that day and how it made you feel. Include as much information as you can, such as names, what you ate at their home, and what games you played.

13. How Would You Occupy Your Time During a Blizzardly Snow Day?

On this snow day, you can’t go outside because there is a blizzard. Write an essay about what shows you will be watching. This can include TV and Youtube.

14. Blizzards Can Be Frightening Things. How Do You Deal with One?

How does a blizzard make you feel? Is it scary or does it make you feel cozy? Explain your choices.

15. Write About a Magical Unicorn Sharing Their World with You

Write a beautiful fantasy story about a magical unicorn that offers to take you on a trip during the snow day. Describe the magical land(s) the unicorn takes you to and any characters you may meet.

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16. Time to Craft Your Very Own Comic or Graphic Novel!

Get out your drawing paper, pens and pencils. Now, write a story in the style of a graphic novel or comic book about an adventure you imagine yourself going during the snow day. It can be to a real place or make up a magical fantasy land.

17. Let’s Practice Thinking Outside the Box. Tell Us How You Think Frogs Would Spend a Snow Day?

Write a story about how you think frogs would spend a snow day.

18. We’ve Had Magical and Fantasy Projects. Now, How About Describing a Real Situation as Best as You Can

Describe what your neighborhood looks like during a snow day. Be as detailed as you can.

19. Time to Write a Reference Guide! Organization is Key Here, as Well as Paying Close Attention to Details

Write a “how to” book for your friends that provide them with suggestions and ideas of what they can do during a snow day.

20. Captivate Your Audience! Mystify Them, Immerse Them Via Creative Writing

You go outside to play in the snow. You lay down in the snow and make a snow angel. When you get up you are amazed as the snow angel has turned into a real angel. Write a story about your experience.


21. Sometimes It’s Important to Try to See Yourself In Someone Else’s Shoes

Try to imagine yourself as a snowflake, how they feel, what they’d think about. Now write a story that involves two snowflakes talking. What are they talking about? Are they questioning their existence? What are they thinking?

22. Snow Days Can be Filled with Awesome Activities to Do, Both Inside and Out. Which to Choose and Why?

Think about all the things you could do inside the house or outside during a snow day. Now, tell us if you would prefer to play inside or outside. Explain your choice.

23. Different People Have Their Own Way to Celebrate Holidays. Diversity is Interesting and Fun! Write a Fun Story Telling Us How a Family of Beavers Deal with Their Snow Day.

The snow day happens during the holiday season. So, write about a family of beavers. How would they spend a holiday during a snow day? Would they decorate a Christmas tree? How many are in the family, and what do they eat? Show us what you learned from their different culture.

24. The Ability to Follow Instructions is Important and the Ability to Write Instructions is Equally So

Write a descriptive essay about how to make a cup of hot chocolate. It’s okay to ask mom to make it for you, just write down how she makes it.

25. Just Because the Seasons Change Doesn’t Mean an End to Sports! There are Many Fun and Athletic Winter Sports and Activities. Tell us Your Favorite and Why

This short video shows different types of winter sports. Which one would you like to try? Tell us why you chose that sport.

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26. Tell Us a Little About Yourself By Filling in the Blank and Writing a Story About it

Lets try something new. Complete the following statement by filling in the blank. Next, write a creative story about it. It can be realistic or fantasy: When there is a heavy snow, the first thing I want to do is ______.

27. The Ability to Plan for the Future is an Important Concept to Learn. Write a Descriptive Essay Sharing How You Can Handle a Possible, Future Event.

The snow day left you and your family inside. The drifts are so heavy that it’s hard to open the door, and it’s still snowing! Write an essay about how you and your family will spend this day. If the blizzard is so bad that there are more than one snow day, include those activities as well

28. Learning How to Critique Something, Like a Film, is a Great Way to Practice Organizing Your Thoughts About a Topic

Watch the short film, The Snowman. Write a paper critiquing the movie. Did you like it? If so, what did you like? Is there anything you’d change about them movie? If so, tell us.

29. Time to Exercise Your Creativity! By Being Asked to Come Up with Unique Solution, You’re Strengthening Your Creativity

Use your imagination and finish the following statement and write a story about it: A family of penguins decided to ________ on a snow day.

30. When it Comes Down to Planning and Carrying Out a Process, Learning How to Write the Process First is an Important Skill

Write a story about designing and building your own igloo. How many rooms will it have? Will it be large or small? Will anyone be sharing the igloo with you?


31. Being Able to Write Down Instructions to Do a Thing So Well That Others Can Follow it, Is a Great Skill to Have

It’s a snow day and you’re stuck inside as it’s still snowing outside. Take this time to bake some cookies with mom and then write a step-by-step guide on how to make those cookies. Describe each step in detail. Remember you can have mom help you out here.

32. Explain How Your Picks Will Help You Win. Explain the Qualities of Your Team Members

You have the day off because of the blizzard. Write a story about you having a snowball fight with your friends. Now, you get to pick your team. Pick three team mates from this group: Polar bear, penguin, squirrel, elf, puppy dog or cat. Now, why did you choose those three?

33. Putting Yourself in the Life Experience of Others is a Crucial Life Skill, One that Helps You Understand Others

Watch this short video about a young raccoon catching snowflakes. Now, pretend you are that raccoon and share what you’re feeling. Are you happy? Are you having fun or are you irritated?

34. Writing is a Personal and Creative Process and Expressing Yourself via Poetry is a True Art Form

Write a short book of winter poetry. See if you can write at least 5 winter poems. Now, come up with a title for your winter poetry book.

35. Take 3 Objects and Craft a Unique One-of-a-Kind Story

Write a story about a baby bunny having their very first snow day! How does the little bunny enjoy their day. You have to include these 3 items in your story: Hot chocolate, ice skates and a pretty winter hat.

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36. Imagining Yourself in Different Situations Enhances the Growth of Creativity

Imagine that you are a snowflake. Describe how it feels to fall through the air. Where do you land? What do you and the other snowflakes chat about as you fall and what do you chat about when you land?

37. Share Your Feelings On Snow Days

What makes snow days so fun? Write a short essay describing what makes a snow day special.

38. The Ability to Write a Good Letter Helps to Solidify Relationships

Take some time during your snow day, to write a friendly letter to a friend or family member. Tell them about your snow day, and what activities or TV shows you watched that day.

39. Picturing Yourself in a Fantastic Environment Allows You to Learn How to Think Outside the Box

Snow globes are lovely winter decorations. Write a fantasy story based on a snow globe. Here, you wake up one morning and find out you are living inside one. What is it like?

40. The Magical Legend of Frosty the Snowman Returns

After learning that Frosty the Snowman came alive after they put a magic hat on his head, you decide to try it yourself. You go outside and make a lovely snowman. You then go inside and grab a hat. Write a story about your snowman coming alive after you put the hat on. What is the snowman’s name? What did you and your new friend do that day?

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41. Create Illustrations that Enhance Your Story

Draw a picture of a snowman and his family ice skating on a frozen pond. Now, write a story about it.

42. Relating Processes in Their Correct Order Helps Readers Follow Your Progress

Write a paper about how you warm up after coming in from playing in the snow. Do you drink something hot, like hot chocolate? Do you snuggle in bed watching tv, read a book or play a video game?

43. Tell Us Where You Would Prefer to Be During a Snow Day

It’s a snow day. However, it’s still snowing outside so you have to stay in. Take this time to write a paper on where you would rather be. This could be another state, city or even a country.

44. When We Take the Time to Think of Other Places to Visit or Live, We are Opening Ourselves Up and Considering the Possibility of Other Life Experiences

For this snow day, how about you take the time to create your very own fantasy city, a place you’d like to spend your snow day. Be creative here. The city can be in any country, planet or fantasy land! Include things like amusement parks, lakes, castles, etc.

45. Take This Opportunity to Consider the Qualities You Admire in Others

Take this time to create a fantasy creature to help you spend time on the snow day. You can design this creature any way you want. What color will it be? What is its name? Is it like a dragon or dinosaur? Maybe it’s like a unicorn? After you write your paper, know that you can draw a picture of it if you like.

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46. Writing Research Papers That Relate Facts is an Important Skill to Learn

Watch this video about how snowflakes are formed. After you watch the video, write a paper describing how snowflakes are formed.

47. Science Depends on Serious Experimentation and Writing Research Papers That Describe the Experiments in Detail So Others Can Learn About Them

This video contains 5 winter experiments. Grab mom and both of you choose an experiment and complete it. Next, write a paper describing the experiment and how you did it.

48. The Ability to Process Details is a Life Skill That Will Come in Handy Time and Time Again

Complete this sentence: My favorite foods to eat during a snow day are _______. Write about your dream meal here. Tell us about the beverages involved, main course and dessert. Describe it using as much detail as you can.

49. This Assignment is About Using Words to Describe What is Happening in a Drawing

Draw whatever you want, as long as it’s about winter. Next, write a story about what is happening in your drawing.

50. Write a Story Packed with Fun, Adventure and Exploration

Write a story about a baby polar bear’s first snowfall. How does the little bear feel? What does the little polar bear do?

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Final Thoughts

There you have it, 50 snow day writing prompts. While most of these snow day writing prompts ask for stories, others ask for essays, poems, video critiques, explanation of procedures. and so on. By keeping the prompts fun, parents and instructors can easily assist the student in carrying out proper form for each exercise.

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