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Coffee Desserts: Easy Coffee Flavored Desserts You Have to Try

These easy coffee desserts will be loved by anyone who enjoys the tasty flavor of coffee.

Infused with coffee, these desserts combine everything you love about coffee and dessert in one dish.

Coffee Desserts

1. Coffee Caramel Cake from Where’d My Sanity Go – A delicious coffee dessert that is infused with sweet caramel.

2. Tiramisu from Marcellina in Cucina. A delicious Italian dessert that is sure to impress. This tiramisu is full of flavor and delicious.

3. Coffee Cupcakes from Tikkido. These cupcakes are easy to make and will please any crowd.

4. Affogoto from It’s Not Complicated Recipes. Simple, easy, and delicious, this tasty dessert goes well with vanilla ice cream.

5. Coffee Ice Cream from Cook Eat Paleo. Just 5 ingredients and this dairy-free coffee ice cream is vegan, paleo, gluten-free, and refined sugar-free.

6. Esspresso Brownie from Swirls of Flavor. Full of flavor, these espresso flavored brownies are delicious.

7. Gluten-Free Mocha Cupcakes from Fearless Dining. Rich and moist, these gluten-free mocha cupcakes are delicious..

8. Coffee Cookies from Baking Beauty. The perfect after-dinner treat that you can enjoy, these coffee cookies are delicious.

9. Coffee Cake Bites from Kitchen Sanctuary. These cake bites are topped with a sweet coffee walnut fudge sauce for the perfect combination.

10. Coffee Liqueur Cream Puffs from The Spice Train. These beautiful and delicious cream puffs are filled with coffee liqueur-flavored. They also have whipped cream and a drizzle of a sweet coffee glaze.

11. Dalgona Coffee Pudding from The Flavor Bender. Creamy, frothy, and sweet, this Dalgona coffee pudding is delicious.

12. Creamy Coffee Flan from The Flavor Bender. A classic crème caramel with a coffee twist! This coffee flan is made with coffee-flavored cream and will become a family favorite.

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Easy Coffee Desserts

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