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Best Bacon Pasta Recipes

Best Bacon Pasta Recipes

Looking for the best bacon pasta recipes? Bacon and pasta actually go together really well and is sure to delight your taste buds. When it comes to combining the two together, you can get pretty creative with your flavors.

Bacon and pasta are my daughter’s two favorite foods and when combined, she can eat enough to feed an army. I don’t know where she puts it though, because she is as skinny as a bean pole!

If she could, she would put bacon on everything. She likes to eat bacon in loaded potatoes, on sandwiches, in pasta dishes, by itself, with mushrooms, in casseroles, and more.

Perfect for a quick and easy main dish or served as a side dish along with your favorite dinner, these bacon pasta recipes are sure to be a hit.

Best Pasta Recipes with Bacon


1. Chicken Bacon Ranch Pasta from The Toasty Kitchen. This delicious chicken bacon ranch pasta meal will make your taste buds sing.

2. Bacon and Mushroom Pasta from Cook It Real Good. Flavorful and easy to make, this bacon pasta with mushrooms will be a hit at dinner time.

3. Creamy Carbonara from Cook It Real Good. This eggless carbonara combines the flavors of bacon, mushrooms, parmesan cheese, and a creamy sauce. 

4. Garlic, Bacon, and Beer Macaroni and Cheese from Erica’s Recipes. Full of flavor, this baked macaroni and cheese will solve your baked mac and cheese cravings.

5. BLT Pasta Salad from Create Yum. If you love a good BLT, you will love it in pasta form!

6. Jalapeno Popper Pasta Salad from Create Yum. Delicious, creamy, and easy to make, this jalapeno popper pasta salad will make the perfect dish.

7. Alfredo Chicken Bacon Penne Pasta from Ottawa Mommy Club. Add a bit of bacon to your chicken alfredo and you have the perfect weeknight meal.

8. Bacon White Cheddar Pasta from Miss In The Kitchen. This hearty and delicious main dish will make for the perfect weeknight dinner.

9. Creamy Chicken Mushroom Pasta from Slow the Cook Down. Made from scratch and super easy to make, this creamy chicken mushroom pasta is delicious.

More bacon pasta recipes that should be included in our must-try pasta and bacon list:

So there you have it! Some of the best, most delicious bacon and pasta dishes that everyone in the family will enjoy.

Do you have a favorite bacon pasta recipe that you or your family loves?



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