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Persimmon Recipes: cakes, jam, salads & more!

Have you been on the search for some good persimmon recipes? Persimmons are a delicious and juicy fruit that is in season from October through February. It is a fabulous fruit that goes well with fall, winter, and holidays.

The persimmon is an underrated fall fruit that can be used in a variety of different ways. The talk of apples and pumpkins usually keep the persimmon on more of a down low, but if you enjoy a good persimmon dessert or flavorful persimmon dish, you will think of it every fall and winter.

These delicious persimmon recipes range from salads to desserts. They are perfect for dinner, lunch, or the holidays and will make a great addition to the table.

Persimmon Upside Down Cake

This tasty and delicious persimmon upside-down cake will be a hit with any persimmon lover! It is deliciously caramelized and baked to perfection.

[wprm-recipe-roundup-item link=”https://www.abakingjourney.com/persimmon-upside-down-cake” name=”Persimmon Upside-Down Cake” summary=”Deliciously caramelised Persimmon Upside-Down Cake. This Vegan Upside-Down Cake is so light and moist, it is a must try dessert!” image=”-1″ image_url=”https://i2.wp.com/abakingjourney.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/Persimmon-Cake–e1561509090189.jpg”]

Persimmon Prosciutto Crostini – Made with homemade ricotta, this holiday appetizer will be a hit with everyone at your holiday gathering. This Healthy Table

Persimmon Jam Recipe – This easy homemade persimmon jam is an all-natural recipe that doesn’t use any pectin. Enjoy the persimmon jam on your holiday dinner rolls or breakfast toast. Masala Herb

Persimmon Pumpkin Pudding Cake

Delicious and easy to make, this persimmon pumpkin pudding cake is full of flavor and spice. It is a great tasting dessert for the holidays!

[wprm-recipe-roundup-item link=”https://theforkedspoon.com/persimmon-and-pumpkin-pudding-cake” name=”Persimmon Pumpkin Pudding Cake – The Forked Spoon” summary=”Try something new this holiday season with this super EASY Persimmon Pumpkin Pudding Cake. Basic and humble from the outside, but full of flavor, spice and holiday happiness on the inside.” image=”3849″]

Orange Carrot Persimmon Pudding – Naturally sweet, this delicious orange carrot persimmon smoothie is a health and nutrition holiday snack. Natalie’s Health

Honey Roasted Pecans and Persimmon & Feta Salad – Enjoy this delicious persimmon and feta salad with a homemade honey roasted pecan topping that is sure to delight. Yummy Addiction

Shredded Brussels Sprout Persimmon Salad Recipe

This delicious salad is full of fall flavor! The salad is made with a homemade Dijon vinaigrette sauce that brings each and every flavor together.

[wprm-recipe-roundup-item link=”https://theforkedspoon.com/shredded-brussels-sprout-and-persimmon-salad” name=”Shredded Brussels Sprout Persimmon Salad – The Forked Spoon” summary=”Filled with some of falls finest like pomegranates and walnuts, this Shredded Brussels Sprout Persimmon Salad with a light homemade dijon vinaigrette is guaranteed to be an instant favorite.” image=”3850″]

Persimmon Ginger Sorbet – Easy to make and delicious, this persimmon ginger sorbet will be a tasty holiday dessert that everyone will love. Caroline’s Cooking

Persimmon Appetizer with Minted Mascarpone – A tasty and colorful holiday appetizer, this easy to make persimmon appetizer is made with a tasty mascarpone. Caroline’s Cooking

Gluten Free Dressing with Persimmons

Perfect for the holidays, this gluten-free dressing mixes persimmons, bread cubes, and herbs for a delicious holiday side dish.

[wprm-recipe-roundup-item link=”https://www.fearlessdining.com/gluten-free-dressing” name=”Easy Gluten Free Dressing Recipe” summary=”A quick and easy gluten free dressing recipe for Thanksgiving. Nothing is better than homemade gluten free stuffing for the holidays” image=”3851″]

Oatmeal Persimmon Bars – Vegan, gluten-free, and dairy-free, these oatmeal persimmon bars will make the perfect holiday dessert or snack. Green Scheme TV

Persimmon Maple Rounds – A delicious holiday appetizer or snack, these persimmon maple rounds are bite sized treats that are quick and easy. Green Scheme TV

Persimmon Recipes: cakes, jam, salads

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