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Easy Pinwheels Recipes and Learning How To Make Pinwheels

I’ve been teaching my daughter how to make pinwheels (or rollups) by finding easy pinwheel recipes from Pinterest and other sources.

Since pinwheels are so easy to make, I thought they would be the perfect lunch for her during school days. She can make the pinwheel sandwiches before school, or the night before, so she has a tasty quick lunch.

She only gets about 20 minutes to eat lunch so having something premade or quick to put together is a must. With pinwheels, she can easy add some of her favorite ingredients since she’s so picky.

Ingredients for pinwheels:

Tortillas/Crescent Rolls: Either one of these can be used depending on whether you are making hot or cold pinwheels. For cold pinwheels, some type of tortilla or wrap will work best.

Meats: Deli meats make the best meat filling for pinwheels. However, you can also use leftover meats like roasted chicken/turkey/ham. It really all depends on what kind of pinwheel you want to make and the flavors you are looking for.

Cheese: Basically any cheese you prefer will go well with pinwheel sandwiches or pinwheel appetizers.

Sauces/Condiments: Sauces and dressings go well in pinwheels. Any kind of sauce, dressing, or condiment can be added to your pinwheel sandwiches.

Vegetables: Add your favorite greens to your pinwheels sandwiches. Lettuce is probably one of the most popular.

How to make pinwheels

Pinwheel sandwiches can be made with a variety of different ingredients. They can be customized to your taste so what you put in them is completely up to you. Add your favorite veggies, meat, sauces, and other goodies to make your own pinwheels.

The easy part is putting together a pinwheel. Lay your tortilla flat, add your ingredients, roll it up, and cut in portions.

For warm pinwheels that use crescent rolls, you will unroll the crescents, add your ingredients, and bake until the crescent rolls are done.

What pinwheel sandwiches can be used for:

  • use pinwheels for quick and easy lunches
  • as a party or BBQ appetizer
  • game appetizers or holiday appetizers
  • as a snack
Easy Pinwheels Recipes and Learning How To Make Pinwheels

Easy Pinwheels Recipes

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