3 Reasons Why You Need Tasty Pins To Start Growing Your Pinterest Traffic

Tasty Pins – If you’re a blogger that uses Pinterest for traffic, I’m sure you’ve heard of this at least once. It’s become one of my favorite blogging tools for Pinterest. It’s like the Pinterest SEO and traffic ninja that you didn’t think you needed, but you do.

I was skeptical at first, like many of you may have been or still are. I kept thinking it was just another plugin that helps you share your images on Pinterest. But, I was wrong! It happens once in a while (that’s what I tell my kids anyway.) It’s way more than just that!

As you get into blogging, you’ll quickly see that SEO is king for both content and images.

It’s how you get your blog noticed and get organic traffic, which is VERY important. Images are also important because it is what grabs the attention of your readers. So not only do you want SEO friendly content, you’ll want your images SEO optimized as well.

You’ll realize Google is the top dog in the search engines and you’ll need to optimize your content to rank high on Google. But Google just wants to see the description of the image text (aka – alt image) for those who can’t see the actual images. They don’t care how pretty it is.

Pinterest is a visual search engine. High-quality, pretty images are what grab the readers attention and bring them to your page. Unlike Google, Pinterest wants to know what readers will find when they click on the image (pin description) and not just what the image is.

See how it can be hard to optimize for both platforms? We can get more into detail about content optimizing for Google later. Right now, let’s talk about optimizing for Pinterest.

This is where Tasty Pins comes in for Pinterest SEO.

Tasty Pins focuses on optimizing your images for SEO and Pinterest. It’s a simple plugin that gives you everything you need to optimize your images for Pinterest.

This is extremely important for food bloggers or if you share a lot of fun activities or crafts! I recommend using Tasty Pins along with their other plugin Tasty Recipes for great SEO recipes.

Here’s why you need Tasty Pins.

You can set specific Pinterest descriptions for each photo

The Tasty Pins plugin adds a section specifically for Pinterest descriptions. This is where you can put your keyword-optimized descriptions in that will help your SEO for Pinterest.

This means it doesn’t touch the Alt text descriptions. So you can optimize for both Pinterest and Google.

When you add an image to your post you’ll notice something like this on your right-hand side. Tasty Pins allows you to set the image’s Pinterest Text, Repin ID, Alt text, and you can choose to disable pinning of the image.

Tasty Pins example

You Can Hide Images So They Can’t Be Pinned

Say you have a post that you’ve published with multiple images that you may not want to be shared to Pinterest. For instance, some images look better than others, some have text on them, or some are smaller images that aren’t Pinterest friendly.

As you can see in the image above, you can check the box to disable pinning on that image. You can do this to any of the images you have uploaded. Disabling pinning will take the Pin It button off the image entirely.

However, in most situations, I would recommend not disabling the images, instead, use the force pin option below.

You Can Force Pin Specific Images

One bonus with the Tasty Pins plugin is that it also includes the Pin It button on each of your images. While this is something you want on your images to encourage sharing, you may not want a specific image to be shared.

Instead, you want a Pinterest optimized graphic that is the correct size for pins.

Let’s take the image above. It’s definitely not the correct size for Pinterest, it doesn’t really tell readers what the article is about and it’s just blah. So I want readers to share one that is larger and more attractive.

Tasty Pins will allow me to set force pinning of images. So if a reader goes to share the image above, it will force pin an image of the correct size that I have set.

The hidden images section (like above) shows up under your post. All you have to do is check the box next to “Force pinning of first hidden image” and then select the images you’d like to use. (Images will have to be uploaded to your media library for you to select them.)

Other benefits of Tasty Pins:

  • It’s lightweight and built with speed in mind (doesn’t bog down your page load speed)
  • It adds a hover button to your images, so you don’t need those wonky Pinterest sharing plugins that work when they want to.
  • Unlimited Support
  • 15-day money-back guarantee if you decide you don’t like it (but I think you’ll love it)

Ok, So How Much Does It Cost?

It’s not that expensive! It’s only $29 and definitely worth the price. Plus, you get that 15-day money-back guarantee and exceptional support. If you decide you don’t like it, you can get a refund.

What Are You Waiting For? Go Try It Out!

Head on over to WP Tasty. You can read up on the Tasty Pins plugin as well as their other fabulous plugins offered.

How Tasty Pins Can Help Grow Your Pinterest Traffic

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