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Working at Home with Baby Tips

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Working at home with baby can be difficult. As if being a full-time employee isn’t already hard, adding a baby to the mix can seem like a balancing act that can never be accomplished.

The best part about being in the office is that you can work a full eight hours straight without interruption — which you won’t ever get at home.

However, working at home has its benefits too, such as peace of mind knowing that your baby is in the best hands they could possibly be. This also goes for parents who are working from home while homeschooling their children.

You’ll also never miss your baby’s first milestones. While figuring out what works best for you will take some trial and error, here are a few tips on working from home while watching your baby full time.

Work around your baby’s schedule

A lot of stress comes from trying to nail down a schedule that you and baby can both stick to, especially if you are a first time mom. However, it’s easier said than done. Therefore, the best way to set up a schedule is to follow your baby’s lead and plan to work around that.

For instance, deep work should be done during your baby’s long stretches of nap time, as well as taking meetings over the phone. This will help ensure you’re fully engaged with your staff and focused on work tasks.

If your boss is pretty flexible, you should let him know ahead of time when you can’t be online or clocked in due to feedings, bathtime, playtime, or anything else your baby’s routine includes.

Use your baby accessories

The best baby carrier can help out with moments when the baby wants to snuggle instead of playing or sitting alone. Especially when you’re trying to take a meeting and have a crying baby. You can usually calm them down and keep them quiet by having them on your chest (which is the position most babies love).

Another reason to invest in a baby carrier is that you can have an extra set of hands to type with when the baby wants to be held.

Bouncers are another way to keep your baby entertained and distracted for shorter periods of time so it would be perfect for those quick staff meetings.

Dress for success

It’s easy to stay in your sweats or pajamas when working at home with a baby. However, if you treat it like a normal office working day by getting ready and dressed in the mornings, you will feel more productive during your day.

Shopping at places like RIISH can make it easy to add comfortable, work at home clothing to your wardrobe. Flowy pieces like loose tops and dresses can give you all the comfort you need while giving you the casual office vibes during Zoom meetings.

When choosing your outfits, keep in mind that you’re also tending to a baby so pick items that will allow you to do both comfortably.

Take shifts

Depending on how flexible your job allows you to be, if the baby seems too distracting during the day, you can switch baby shifts with dad.

Once dad gets home from work, you can leave him to have time with baby while you get the remainder of your hours done in the evening. This might also mean you take advantage of weekends when dad is home from work so you have less pressure during the week to get your 40 hours done.

Not all babies are the same and some require more attention than others, so what works for one mom may not work for you. To find what works best for you means you’re going to have to go through some testing phases while you figure it out.

Working at Home with Baby Tips: Plan Your Meals

Planning your meals ahead of time can also be helpful. This can mean meal prepping for the week so you can just pull out your lunch the next day or taking advantage of meal delivery services.

Working at Home with Baby Tips

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