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Skrible: Fashionable Pencil Cases That Will Survive the School Year

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Meet Skrible. The company who's behind some of my new favorite pencil cases for kids.

My kids are so rough on pencil cases. Some years I have to buy 2. I stopped buying the cute fun pencil cases simply because they wouldn't take care of them. I could never find any durable and sturdy cases that would last, so they ended up just getting plain jane plastic cases.

Now that they are getting older (and thankfully taking care of their stuff a little better), all they want are stylish folders, pencils, bags, etc. I'm fine with getting the cute stylish items, but I want them to be durable enough to last through the school year.

Skrible is my new favorite

Skrible pencil cases

For the back to school guide, I was sent two Skrible pencil cases for review. I have a boy and a girl so I was sent one for each so we could check them out. I love them.

Let me tell you why they're my new favorite back to school item.

They're durable

The cases are made out of a molded hard shell, but they have a softer exterior to them. Since my kids love to toss items into their lockers and backpacks all willy nilly, I know the pencils won't get broken and the cases are sturdy enough to hold up.

Now, because they have a soft covering around the hard shell, the outside may get a little dirty fairly easy, but they are also easy to clean so you can just wipe off any scuff marks that may come about.

Skrible pencil case

They're fashionable and look cool

This was high on my daughter's list of why she likes these cases. She's into the unicorns right now so she was extremely happy with the design. The controller case is probably one of my favorites. My son loves to play video games so the controller design fit him perfectly.

Both of the cases passed the cool/fashionable category for the kids. The designs are sleek and we were all impressed with how cool the cases looked.

Skrible pencil cases

They're roomy

The cases, in my opinion, are the perfect size. They are roomy enough to hold quite a few different items, but they're not really that bulky.

On the left is two mesh compartments where you can easily store pencils, scissors, etc. There is also a compartment that can fit up to 6 pens or markers. These slots did not fit a full size, unsharpened pencil, because the pencils were too tall. However, they would easily fit pencils that are sharpened and not as tall.

Behind the 6 slot compartment is an empty spot where it can hold stationery or small papers. Knowing my kids any important paperwork will be folded and placed into the back so they can easily remember where it is.

Each Skrible purchase supports WE Well-being

WE Well-being is an international charity that empowers youth and families with educational tools and resources to promote their own positive well-being and the well-being of their community.

Currently, there are 5 different designs available ($15). Then another 2 that are considered the plus size ($19). The plus-size cases are a bit bigger and offer more storage room.

You can see all the designs and features of the pencil cases on the Skrible website.

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