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Halloween Cricut Projects and Spooky Cricut Halloween Crafts

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Halloween Cricut Projects and Spooky Cricut Halloween Crafts

Have you started decorating for Halloween yet? If not and you are looking for some easy to make last minute Halloween Cricut crafts, you are in luck!

The Cricut machine is always a great tool to have around if you enjoy making crafts. It is such a versatile machine that can be used for many different things. Making your own decorated crafts or home décor are just a few examples.

These Halloween Cricut crafts are both cute and easy to make. The crafts are the perfect way to get some last-minute Halloween decorations up if you haven’t already!

DIY Broom Parking Sign

A fun decoration for Halloween, this DIY broom parking sign is made with the Cricut machine for an easy and fun Halloween decoration.

It’s All About the Candy Sign

An easy to make and fun Halloween Cricut craft, this sign can be hung on the door or around the house to go with your Halloween decorations.

Wooden Ghosts Halloween Blocks

Halloween Cricut Projects

These cute little blocks are perfect for Halloween. Each block has a ghost on one side and a letter to create the word “boo”.

Cricut Spider Web Décor

Made with a wood embroidery hoop, this super cute decoration is easy to make and will look great with any Halloween setup.

Circuit Decorated Pumpkins

Halloween Cricut Projects

Perfect for fall and Halloween, these white pumpkins are decorated with the words blessed and grateful for a fun addition to your décor.

Halloween Lanterns

These easy and fun Halloween lanterns are made using the Cricut machine. The lanterns are perfect for putting a tealight in and using for a Halloween decoration.

Halloween Napkins

Adorable and fun, these easy to make Halloween napkins are perfect for hanging in the kitchen or the bathroom.

Wicked Halloween Sign

Taking a few old thrift store items and some wooden square pieces, this wicked Halloween sign is a fun Halloween decoration that will look great on any shelf or mantle.

Halloween Chandelier

Perfect for inside décor or outside décor, this cute Halloween Chandelier will make a fun and festive Halloween decoration.

Halloween Beware Sign

A fun Halloween Cricut Projects, this sign is perfect for hanging on the wall or front door, this easy to make sign will be a great addition to any Halloween setup.

Pumpkin Décor


This DIY pumpkin craft uses the Cricut maker to create your favorite color of accents so that you can easily decorate your pumpkins for the holidays.

Halloween Cricut Crafts

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