Halloween Bingo Printable Free for Fun Class Parties
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Halloween Bingo Printable Free for Fun Class Parties

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Last year I created these Halloween bingo cards because my daughter volunteered me to be the room mom for Halloween last year. A little heads up would have been nice!

I had no idea what I was going to do except bring Halloween treats. Once I found out we had to do an activity, I scrambled around trying to figure out something the kids could do.

She likes to play bingo (her favorite is Unicorn Bingo) and suggested we make Halloween style bingo printables so her class could play bingo and win prizes. Good idea! We can use the candy for favors and the extra candy for prizes.

This is what we came up with! I wanted to share them with you so that if you find yourself needing a fun Halloween game for class parties you could just print them off and be good to go.

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Halloween Bingo

Halloween Bingo Printable Free for Fun Class Parties

The link to download the new bingo game is below.

There are 10 different individual bingo cards that you can print, cut, and pass out to the kids. I created these large enough for younger kids, so there are 2 bingo cards on one piece of 8.5x11 paper.

How To Play:

  • Each player gets one bingo card.
  • "Free" or "Trick or Treat" spots are free so everyone gets that space automatically.
  • Use candy corn to keep track of the called bingo spaces when they are called out.
  • When someone has bingo, the winner gets a treat of some kind (snack, candy, prize, etc.)

It was so fun playing bingo with the kids. They loved the "cool" cards and my daughter was the hero for the day because she had such a fun game to play.

Let me give you a tip about kids and candy! Make sure the kiddos get a little extra because they do end up eating some of them WHILE they are playing Bingo!

You can use these Halloween bingo cards for a family game night as well! Just print the cards and use them at home after watching your favorite Halloween movies!

Other Cool Halloween Party Games

Halloween party games are a blast to play with the kids. We always like to do some fun bingo and then we will bring out the other games. We always have a blast!

Don't forget the Halloween party supplies!

Halloween parties are so much fun and the kids always have a blast. Halloween parties supplies will also make it more fun and kids will love helping you decorate.

Halloween bingo + Halloween party games + Halloween party supplies = a fun Halloween!

Download the free Halloween Bingo cards!

Halloween Bingo Printable Free for Fun Class Parties

More fun Halloween games, printables, and party food:

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